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David L. Hunter is an Associate Editor at Capitol Hill Outsider.”  He’s on Twitter and blogs at davidlhunter.blogspot.com.  He is published in The Washington PostThe Washington Times, “FrontPage Mag,” and extensively in Patriot Post,” Canada Free Press” and American Thinker.”

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Overcoming the China Syndrome


Clifford D. May’s “The China Syndrome” is spot on. Many Americans, and Washington decision-makers, still mistakenly view China as a trading partner rather than a geopolitical adversary.  Mr. May is correct that our “friends” are singularly focused on usurping America’s First World position. This reality was echoed in a recent Mark Levin interview with National Security and […]

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Guns Banned, Knives Next?


Shockingly, New York and London, two world-famous cities of similar population sizes, currently have equivalent murder rates. The glaring differences are that the United Kingdom has no Second Amendment, and prohibited firearms in 1997. That has not stopped the violence, however. The mostly gang-related carnage has been accomplished with knives instead. That’s no problem to […]

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How to Rebuild a First World Economy


“We’ve indulged in this fiction that we can build a vibrant economy by deregulating the financial sector, and cutting taxes, and putting off investments in things like infrastructure and education and our kids. But we can’t anymore. And now we have to ask the question about what really went wrong.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), from Rana Foroohar’s “Makers […]

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Virtuous Hands with a Gun


“What actually stops an evil psychopath is what we saw on Sunday—a good guy with a gun.” – Jordan Stein, spokesman, Gun Owners of America Would the massacre have happened if the congregation of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas had clung as tightly to guns as their Bibles? On Sunday, in a bizarre […]

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Kaepernick’s Culture Warrior ‘Curse’


A week shy of the midway point of the football season, the two winless NFL teams are no surprise. They are the Cleveland Browns and Colin Kaepernick’s former team, the once-storied San Francisco 49ers. As the Browns have never even made it to the big game, this is frankly to be expected. But what of […]

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Trump: Our Generation’s Reagan?


Roughly ten months in, how is it not presumptuous for anyone—especially a conservative—to proclaim in print that Donald Trump is “no Reagan”? Perhaps Washington Times columnist Robert W. Merry should wait another three years before making any sweeping pronouncements? What’s Mr. Merry’s basis for this flawed, and premature, conclusion? The failure of the entrenched Republican […]

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When Celebrity Insults Patriotism


In our modern era of internet connectivity and 24-hour news cycles, for better or worse, celebrity is an instant megaphone for gaining national attention. Especially for the controversial, or in former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick’s case, the foolishly aggrieved. Given his upbringing in a loving household by adoptive parents, a college […]

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Blaming Others for Dastardly Deeds


Capitol Hill displays 100 luminaries in Statuary Hall: two donated from every state in the nation. Per The Washington Times, more than 25 of these silent sentinels—Confederate politicians and/or soldiers; others merely slaveholders or segregationists—from a bygone era have come under public assault by polarizing progressives. Notably, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) recently said: […]

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McCain Kills Obamacare Repeal, Gridlocks Senate


Sen. John McCain typifies the dysfunctional U.S. Senate. The 80-year-old flew 2,300 miles from Phoenix to Washington for an important procedural vote: simply to begin debate for the GOP’s replacement bill for Obamacare (Vice President Pence broke the 50-50 deadlock with his tie-breaking vote). To a hero’s welcome of universal cheers, McCain delivered a feisty […]

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Why Democrats Love Illegals


Twice failed candidate Hillary Clinton received more votes than any unsuccessful presidential candidate in U.S. history. In the 2016 election, she garnered 2.9 million more votes than then President-elect Donald Trump. Her popular vote tally was 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%.), or a 2.1% differential. Back on November 27, 2016, Trump tweeted, “In addition […]

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