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David Catron is a health care consultant and frequent contributor to The American Spectator. You can follow him on Twitter at @Catronicus.


Obama Judges Can’t Save Dem Losers


Obama-appointed federal judges have brazenly rewritten election statutes to favor Democrats challenging the outcomes of races in Florida and Georgia. In both states, however, the apparent losers haven’t benefited from arbitrary changes these partisan jurists made in the laws by which election officials are legally bound. Thursday, for example, an Obama appointee changed the rules […]

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Clinton Claims Abrams Was Robbed In GA


Tuesday evening Hillary Clinton told a crowd that Stacey Abrams, the apparent loser in Georgia’s recent gubernatorial election, would have won the race if not for Republican chicanery. She claimed — without evidence, to use a term much beloved of the media lately — that the “people on the other side” were guilty of undermining […]

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Democrats and the Rule of Lawyers


Cicero is remembered today as a great Roman orator, but few recall that he was a lawyer by trade. In fact, he first rose to public prominence by using his rhetorical skills to secure the acquittal of a man accused of patricide.

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Abrams Declares War on Arithmetic


Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate in Georgia’s gubernatorial election, has an adversarial relationship with arithmetic. This antipathy to math has long bedeviled her with regard to unpaid taxes as well as delinquent student loans, and it is now preventing her from seeing that it is mathematically impossible for her to become the Peach State’s next […]

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GOP Knocks Off Four Senate Democrats


Yesterday was a good day for the “world’s greatest deliberative body.” The voters banished four Democratic Senators to outer darkness. The Republicans also held on to the majority of their governorships, including the crucial state of Florida and probably Georgia — where Stacey Abrams was behind her Republican opponent Brian Kemp 50.7-48.2 with all of […]

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Democrats Fund Libertarian Spoilers


The outcomes of many close congressional contests will be decided by the number of ballots cast for Libertarian candidates who couldn’t win with the aid of divine intervention. And Democrats running in “red state” races are clearly counting on these unelectable candidates to divert enough votes from Republicans to allow them to eke out slim […]

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Tester Takes a Torpedo Below the Water Line


Ever wonder how Senator Jon Tester, a Beltway swamp creature who voted against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and famously stays in lockstep with his fellow Democrats on immigration and gun control, keeps getting elected in a state like Montana? The answer is simple: the Libertarian Party usually nominates a spoiler who siphons enough votes […]

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Trump Punks the Media Once More


The most fascinating feature of the Trump era is the President’s uncanny ability to bilk the media into providing coverage that confirms the percipience of his political positions. Their 24/7 coverage of the migrant caravan, complete with images that couldn’t be better for his stance on illegal immigration had they been produced by the White […]

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The Biannual ‘Voter Suppression’ Scam


The only thing more certain than death and taxes is that, every election cycle, the Democrats will accuse Republicans of “voter suppression.” They inevitably insist that requiring individuals to possess photo identification in order to cast a ballot is a sinister right-wing conspiracy to prevent minorities from exercising the franchise. For black conservatives like Candace […]

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Media Struck Dumb by Early Voting


The Democrats typically lead Republicans in early voting during midterm and presidential election cycles. In 2016 the Democratic lead in early voting was such that it inspired major news outlets, AP for example, to run articles with titles like “Early voting: More good signs for Clinton in key states.” Among the states in which early voting […]

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