Daniel Krygier

Daniel Krygier is a writer for Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum.

A Tale of Two Terrorist Organizations


For the first time ever, a U.S.-led campaign to condemn the anti-Semitic terrorist organization Hamas was supported by a record number of 87 states at the United Nations. However, in keeping with its systemic moral bankruptcy and institutionalized anti-Israel bigotry, the UN ultimately failed to acknowledge that Hamas is an anti-Semitic terrorist organization whose racist […]

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Pittsburgh Anti-Semitism — the Selective Liberal Outrage


The terrorist massacre of eleven American Jews at a Pittsburgh synagogue understandably received ample coverage in mainstream media. However, in the era of identity politics, the Pittsburgh tragedy conveniently fits the liberal narrative of racist bigotry: an anti-immigrant white male subscribing to neo-Nazi conspiracies targeting a liberal Jewish congregation.

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Camp David and Oslo: A Tale of Two Different Peace Accords


This past month marks 40 years since the Egypt-Israel Camp David Peace Accords and 25 years since the PLO-Israel Oslo Accords. Washington ultimately brokered both accords but they differed dramatically in their implementation. While the Egyptian-Israeli peace remains cold and formal, it is still a relative success. Instead of facing each other in the military […]

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Islamists Gather for Annual ‘Pearls of the Quran’ Conference


The Al-Madina Institute, according to its website, is a non-profit “educational institution of higher learning founded by a diverse group of American Muslims committed to providing Muslim communities with opportunities to seek sacred knowledge.” Al-Madina’s activities certainly appear to reflect this innocuous mission statement. On May 11-13, the institute will be hosting its annual event […]

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