Caleb Howe

Caleb Howe is a contributor to RedState.

Angry Mob is the Popular Vote

The Truth About the ‘Senate Popular Vote’ Fake News


“Popular vote.” — (@instapundit) November 8, 2018 Democrats are big on the idea of demographics. One’s identity, as defined by their demographic markers, is a key point of politics, intersectionality, justice, and total world-view if one is a Democrat. And a big part of that is the representation of one’s demographic identity in […]

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Words Matter, Donald Trump, Even Yours


Donald Trump may have cost himself some delegates or, at the very least, created an unnecessary headache over delegates, with his denouncement of his previous pledge to support the eventual nominee of the Republican Party. South Carolina requires a loyalty pledge to be on their ballot, you see. And now Trump has officially reneged, stating […]

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Gov. Nathan Deal Caves to Crony Capitalism in Georgia


“We are going to create a nation that works for all of us, not just for a handful of millionaires and billionaires,” says Sen. Bernie Sanders. Democrats love this line. They imagine some rich crony capitalist out there squirming and fearing his undue political power threatened. Probably a Koch brother. They never picture their own […]

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Who Is Really Crazy, ‘End the Fed,’ or the Fed Itself?


Caleb Howe is reporting live from the Jackson Hole Summit, a major financial summit that is attracting the world’s greatest thinkers on money and economics. Look for Caleb’s posts throughout the weekend. On Friday morning at the Jackson Hole Summit, Judy Shelton of the Sound Money Project and Atlas Network spoke on the subject of […]

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Pure Gold From Jackson Hole


The Jackson Hole Summit, billed as being “designed to challenge the policies of the Fed,” opened this morning, to the sounds of Ray Charles and “We’re Off To See The Wizard.” The Wizard of Oz and the Yellow Brick Road are already a constant theme, with only two speakers under the group’s belt. Taking place […]

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One Thousand and One Solyndra Nights


Big Solar. It sounds like a silly notion. The innocent seeming, well-intentioned alternative to fossil fuels, solar is a promise of the future everyone is familiar with. We see panels everywhere. There are solar farms, contentedly harvesting solar power from our friend the Sun, ready to help build a clean energy future we can be […]

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Tea Are The Ones They’ve Been Waiting For


One of the favorite pastimes of the left is finding, and lauding, conservatives who are not conservative. Republicans who are Democrat. The insider who is outside. It’s a hobby, or at least a hobby horse, for much of the published online left. It is why Meghan McCain enjoys fame. It is why Frank Schaeffer exists. […]

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Jindal Budget Cuts Facing ‘Tea Party’ Opposition, Say Hopeful Liberals on Unicorns


Today, the Advocate has posted an article about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s plan to end a tax break the state currently offers for solar power. The report indicates that Jindal — a prospective Republican Presidential candidate — is facing opposition from a “big tea party gun.” That opposition is Debbie Dooley, who the article names […]

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The Politics of the Politics of Fear


The buzz is building over a new supposed tell-all by former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge, “The Test of Our Times“. The book, however, directly contradicts the fast moving media message that the Bush White House tried to manipulate Homeland Security threat levels for partisan gain. In promotional materials distributed by his publisher in advance […]

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A Study In Contrast


In defense of Obamacare, the Democrats have lately moved from debating Republicans and talking heads to debating everyday Americans; indeed, from debating to snitching and smearing. Following hot on the heels of their “report your friends and family” program, the DNC has released a new ad characterizing the Republican base, and those who oppose Obamacare, […]

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