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The Media Abandons Democracy
Mark Levin and Peter Schweizer on “Life, Liberty & Levin” (Fox News screenshot)

Nice try.

Over there at the New York Times my former CNN colleague Charles Blow headlines this:

Trump Has Never Believed in Democracy
He wants to wield power without winning it legitimately.

Charles starts off this way, bold print for emphasis supplied:

Donald Trump’s continued effort to overturn the result of the election — an effort buttressed by the support of many Republicans in Congress, it should be noted — is nothing short of an attempt at a bloodless coup.

The only way Trump could achieve his aim of denying Joe Biden his rightfully earned victory would be if some people or entities — state legislatures, judges or the Supreme Court — were to agree to throw out millions of legally cast and appropriate votes. (It is also worth noting that many of the jurisdictions being disputed are heavily Black.)

Full stop.

First of all, stealing an election, as millions of Americans believe is in the process of happening with the collaboration of Democrats, Big Media, and Big Tech, would be a more serious “attempt at a bloodless coup.” (So too is the Obama administration spying on both the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency “an attempt at a bloodless coup.” And note well that Special Counsel John Durham, according to this report at Fox News, “is adding prosecutors to his team.” Hmmm.)

Second, the American Left, the Party of Race, needs race to win elections, their formula from the beginning of their party some 200 years ago. So suddenly questions about illegal votes and voter fraud are now, courtesy of the party of slavery, segregation, and the son of segregation known as identity politics, being disputed in jurisdictions that “are heavily Black.” This standard of using race to win votes may have actually lost votes this year as more and more African-Americans rejected Joe Biden for Donald Trump. (Memo to Joe: There plenty of African-Americans who believe they can be black and vote for Trump.)

But the overarching problem right now is that the American people and American democracy itself are under attack.

On Sunday night, in an interview on Life, Liberty and Levin, the Great One Mark Levin closed out his extensive and detailed interview with author and investigative journalist Peter Schweizer on the crooked dealings of Biden Inc. and its influence-peddling and commercial dealings with China, Ukraine, Romania, and more by saying this:

You’ve heard of the Iron Triangle, but we have more now of sort of an Iron Box. We have Big Tech, Big Media, the Democrat Party and the entrenched bureaucracy. And they all work together and they all feed off each other and they all empower each other. Then you have “we the people.” In this case we had a representative for “we the people” called Donald Trump, President of the United States. And that Iron Box has done everything it can to destroy him and his administration and to handicap him and think about all the successes he has had, even with all of that. And now we have the Democrat Party in Big Media and Big Tech that did many things during the course of this election which they hope would ensure Biden’s victory. Changing rules in violation of state constitutions, changing rules in violation of the federal constitution, and all the rules are changed to do what? To allow fraud and to institutionalize fraud. They’re not good government changes. No signatures, no matching signatures, no postal dates and so forth. What’s that all about? That’s about corruption. That’s about empowering the Democrat Party, the way they took over California, Ronald Reagan’s home state. And in our own country, the Chinese have penetrated virtually all aspects of our culture and government — Hollywood, the NBA, Wall Street, colleges and universities, Capitol Hill, so many corporations. And now a man who demands to be president of the United States through all this corruption, all this thievery. Joe Biden. The wrong man at the wrong time. And this country is in trouble. And the media is a major reason why we are in trouble.

Levin is exactly right.

Almost a year ago, I reviewed Levin’s book Unfreedom of the Press for The American Spectator. I noted that he wrote this:

Unfreedom of the Press is about how those entrusted with news reporting in the modern media are destroying freedom of the press from within…. Indeed, social activism, progressive group-think, Democratic Party partisanship, opinion and propaganda passed off as news, the staging of pseudo-events, self-censorship, bias by omission, and outright falsehoods are too often substituted for old-fashioned, objective fact gathering and news reporting. A self-perpetuating and reinforcing mindset has replaced independent and impartial thinking. And the American people know it. Thus the credibility of the mass media has never been lower.

Talk about prescience. Here we are at the end of 2020, and we have now witnessed one incident after another of exactly how “the modern media are destroying freedom of the press from within.” And doing it with a serious assist from Big Tech.

As New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin has written:

Now that the election is over and it is safe for the media to cover the Hunter Biden scandal they ignored when The Post broke the story in October, things in Washington are getting back to normal. FBI and Justice Department officials are once again leaking like sieves to their favorite reporters.

The New York Times knew before the election that Joe Biden was the “big guy” in line for a secret 10 percent stake in a deal with a Chinese energy conglomerate, but the paper withheld the information from readers. Yet now that Hunter Biden admits he’s under a criminal tax probe, the Gray Lady begins to stir.

In a Friday piece about the perils of the probe for Hunter’s father, the Times writes that “the inquiry originally focused on possible money laundering but did not gather enough evidence for a prosecution, according to people close to the case.”

Yada yada yada, the real question is, what else did the Times know and when did it know it? And why did it keep silent before Election Day?

Sadly, we know exactly why they gave short shrift to the Hunter Biden coverage — to protect Hunter’s father.

Recall Mark’s Iron Box phrase. It was the New York Post that had the explosive story about the Hunter Biden laptop. The rest of the media blocked it out, with CNN and others leading the charge. And it was Twitter that took down the New York Post account to silence a serious bombshell story by a major American newspaper from being circulated.

Behold the Iron Box at work.

Yet on goes Big Media demanding that those who investigate the presidential election be silenced.

Here is the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple on Monday. The headline:

Sean Hannity, America’s No. 2 threat to democracy: An A-to-Z guide

Writes Mr. Wemple: “The Trump plot to overturn democracy has melded into the show’s rhetorical furniture.”

And right there is the upside-down, Alice in Wonderland world that is the media’s sabotage of the integrity of the American election system and American democracy itself.

In this case, it is Hannity who has used his radio and television shows to relentlessly pursue the truth of the silent coup attempt that was aimed at undermining and overturning first the campaign and then the presidency of Donald Trump (as I have written here in The American Spectator.) All of this while the Washington Post and the rest of the Big Media fell strangely silent. (And note again, the news from Monday was that Special Counsel John Durham is adding to his investigative team — specifically, prosecutors. Hmmm. Another Hannity vindication.)

The bottom line here? Big Media and Big Tech — not Donald Trump — are the real, serious threat to democracy, as they both exemplified in their conduct in the 2020 election.

Is it disgraceful? Yes.

But more than that, it is a serious danger to Americans.

Which is exactly why conservative media like the site you are reading and fledgling conservative social media tech sites like Parler are going to be more important than ever.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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