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Biden’s Gift to the Taliban
Taliban fighters in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 17, 2021 (Voice of America)

Since he was inaugurated, Biden has spent about $4 trillion through legislation and executive orders.

Biden’s reckless overspending is the principal reason our nation is now suffering an inflation rate of over 8 percent, which isn’t — as Biden said recently — the lowest rate of any nation in the world. (Japan’s inflation rate, for example, is about 3 percent.)

Just how much is one trillion dollars? Think about it this way. The circumference of the earth is just shy of 25,000 miles. If you laid $100-dollar bills end to end, you’d go around the earth 8.8 times before you hit $1 trillion.

Biden’s spending is wrecking our economy, but that’s not the worst of it. He’s also supporting at least one of our most notorious enemies with it. And he apparently won’t own up to where the money went.

When Biden decided to abandon Afghanistan in August 2021, as this column pointed out then, his plan called for everything to be done in precisely the wrong order. Assuming withdrawing was the right thing to do — and there’s precisely zero evidence that it was — any military officer above the rank of second lieutenant would have first withdrawn our civilians (including those Afghans who fought on our side), second would have been to haul out as much equipment as we could, and the last step would have been pulling our troops out.

Biden did those things but in reverse order. As a result, thousands of our Afghan allies were abandoned and we left behind an estimated $7 billion in military equipment ranging from rifles to aircraft.

Does anyone remember SIGAR, the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction? That was the entity that reported often on the supposed progress we were making in the war in Afghanistan. Their reports often showed — to the embarrassment of successive presidents, beginning with George W. Bush — that Afghan soldiers were often deserting to the Taliban and that a lot of money the U.S. spent there was wasted.

A new SIGAR report says that after we ran out of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Biden administration sent another $1.1 billion to the Taliban government in “humanitarian aid.” Its quarterly report to Congress says: “SIGAR, for the first time in its history, is unable this quarter to provide Congress and the American people with a full accounting of this U.S. government spending due to the noncooperation of several U.S. government agencies.” (Emphasis added.)

Think about that. Not only did Biden give one of our deadly enemies a gift of $1 billion, his administration won’t allow an investigation into where the money went or how it was spent.

This is a major scandal: a wrongful gift to the Taliban enemy and a coverup of that action. Naturally, it’s ignored in the media frenzy over the election.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He promises to investigate where Biden’s gift went and what it paid for if Republicans take control of the House. Why are we only hearing from a low-ranking HASC member?

Why haven’t House Speaker wannabe Kevin McCarthy and ranking HASC Republican Mike Rogers (R-Ala.) been raising hell since the SIGAR report came out on Oct. 30?

Biden has blamed former President Donald Trump for paving the way for Biden’s Afghanistan debacle by agreeing to a deal with the Taliban. Trump’s February 2020 agreement with the Taliban said that we would significantly reduce U.S. and allied troop strength in Afghanistan by May 2020 and continue withdrawing troops after that if the Taliban began negotiations with the U.S.-backed Kabul regime. We also promised to reduce sanctions against the Taliban.

The Taliban, in return, were supposed to not allow any terrorist groups to settle in Afghanistan and pose any threat to the U.S. But the deal was framed in such vague terms that the Taliban weren’t really obligated to do a damn thing.

But nothing in Trump’s agreement, as bad as it was, required us to cut and run from Afghanistan as Biden did. Biden didn’t tell our allies or the Kabul government about his plan before it was being implemented. While Biden’s sudden withdrawal was taking place, the Taliban took over the country and quickly returned Afghanistan into a safe haven for terrorists just like it was before 9/11.

No other nations are lining up to fund the Taliban. They apparently gain most of their income from selling opium while legitimate activities such as selling timber make up another part of the Taliban economy. Unfortunately, America became one of the Taliban’s principal source of money after it took over Afghanistan.

We can be sure that the money didn’t go to humanitarian support of the Afghan people. According to the Asian Development Bank, nearly 50 percent of Afghans live in poverty. Biden’s gift to the Taliban probably covered their costs in taking over Afghanistan with a good bit left over to help reestablish terrorists such as Ayman al-Zawahiri there.

American voters are obviously most concerned about inflation, crime, and the border mess but they will also worry about the parlous state of our defenses if someone will make an issue about it.

It’s too late to make defense and foreign policy big issues in today’s election. Starting tomorrow, every conservative should begin raising hell about Biden’s monumentally weak approach to defense and foreign policy. If the Republicans take over the House, the House Armed Services Committee’s first priority should be investigating — and forcing federal agencies — to cooperate to find out how and why Biden sent his gift to the Taliban.

As I’ve written before, 2025 can’t come soon enough.

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