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Biden’s Agenda Wins at COP27

Since May, the fashion among ecoterrorists has been to try to destroy famous works of art in sacrifice to their religion of global warming. In the May event, in the Louvre Museum in Paris, a transgender “woman,” protesting government inaction on climate change, threw chocolate cake at the Mona Lisa. The painting, protected by bulletproof glass, was undamaged.

Since then, two young women from “Just Stop Oil” threw tomato soup at a van Gogh in a London museum and tried to glue themselves to a wall. Two weeks later, another eco-whacko super-glued his head to the glass protecting a Vermeer painting in the Hague. And, in November, two female eco-whackos in Oslo tried to glue themselves to Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream. They, too, failed.

The only real difference between these actions and the agreement President Biden made during the UN’s 27th Conference of Parties, aka COP27, is that the ecoterrorists’ attempts to deface the famous paintings didn’t cost us anything. Biden’s action will cost us billions of dollars.

We have been told, for decades, that the earth is warming and it’s caused by human actions, principally the emission of “greenhouse gases,” including carbon dioxide. People, including former Vice President Al Gore, have made millions by pushing this ideology/religion.

As I wrote two weeks ago, Biden joyously rejoined the Paris Accords on global warming after former President Trump had, wisely, quit them. The goal of the COP conferences is to bring the world into compliance with the Paris goal to limit anthropogenic global warming to 1.5 Centigrade. The Western nations have adopted this quasi-religion to the amusement of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

There is a supposed grand consensus among scientists that the earth’s climate is being damaged irreparably by man’s emissions of gases, including carbon dioxide, methane, and a few others. If you try to follow the science, you will find little evidence to support that idea, but supporters are legion from NASA to the European Union to most third-world countries. The problem is that if you try to follow the science, you will be deluded and discouraged.

Better to follow the money, which, of course, is controlling the “science.”

On the day after the Buffalo, New York, suburbs were buried in 66 inches of snow, the 200 nations who met at COP27 agreed to create a “loss and damage” fund. This fund will pay poorer nations a penalty for the global warming damage to the environment supposedly caused by prosperous nations’ prosperity.

It’s a total scam. Just consider who’s supposed to pay. The U.S., of course, is expected to pick up most of the tab because we are one of the top emitters. But China — a superpower that has the second-largest economy in the world — is exempted because it’s a “developing country.” China was, in 2021, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, accounting for over 30 percent of the entire world’s emissions.

Biden, who has wrecked our economy with his wild, reckless, and unnecessary borrowing and spending, has caused the highest inflation in four decades. Now he has committed the U.S. to even more wild and unnecessary spending through his COP27 agreement to pay into the “loss and damage” fund.

These funds are intended (?) to pay the third-world countries — and possibly China — many billions of dollars.

And how will those funds be spent?

The funds will go to many of the worst dictatorships and despotisms. The monies will be pocketed by those dictators and despots and will not be spent on anything that will benefit the environment. These nations will surely establish Potemkin projects to cover their taking the money for other purposes.

Biden wasn’t duped into agreeing with this nonsense. It fits perfectly into his agenda to make America’s wealth the legacy of all nations. By agreeing to this fund, Biden agreed spending American funds to sustain those despots and dictators who will pour the money into their own pockets.

The House Republicans, with the slimmest majority in decades, could stop Biden’s spending on the COP27 agreement and a lot more. But will they?

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, as this column has pointed out in the past, is a terribly weak leader and will not make a good House speaker. If he were a real leader, he would immediately tell Biden that the COP27 deal will not be funded. He could make that stick, but there will probably be a few more weaklings among the House Republicans who will go along with Biden’s plan, maybe enough to pass the spending bills that will fund it. You can take it to the bank that those funds will be buried in the spending on “must pass” bills such as the debt ceiling.

Biden, in April, committed the U.S. to reduce its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2030. And how can that be done without reducing our economic activity by that much or more? Everything from car and truck emissions to the emissions that result from generation of electricity and agriculture (cow farts and more) will have to be reduced. That means strangling our economy with more radical environmental regulations.

Republicans say that the era of one-party rule is over. That will only be true if they risk government shutdowns to stop Biden’s radical spending and make it stick. If they can’t do that, then the Biden agenda — shepherded through the House and Senate by the Democrats — will continue to wreck our economy.

Biden’s agenda has to be stopped cold. A good place to begin to do that is by stopping funding for the UN’s COP27 “loss and damage” fund.

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