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Biden Turns International Women’s Day Into a Bigger Spectacle

International Women’s Day is already a farce, and Joe Biden just made it a bigger one. He has turned it into a spectacle.

As readers of my column have learned over the years, International Women’s Day is a literal socialist holiday, with communist-Marxist-Bolshevik origins. There is no dispute about this. Of course, the vast majority of naïfs now annually celebrating the holiday — led by the clueless millennials at Google — will bristle at my revelation. They will dub me out of my mind, surely paranoid. Perhaps the ghost of Joe McCarthy has leapt into my body!

Where are the feminists unleashing their fury on Joe Biden? They would be hysterical if Donald Trump had given the International Women of Courage Award to, say, Tucker Carlson.

But au contraire, perhaps the ghost of old comrade Clara Zetkin — mother of International Women’s Day — has hopped into theirs. Or Alexandra Kollontai, the leading Bolshevik feminist. Or, speaking of Bolsheviks, that grimacing gal, Nadezhda Krupskaya, the eternally unsmiling widow of that rotting corpse of a devil, Vladimir Lenin.

Those are the matriarchs of International Women’s Day. It would benefit our modern maniacs indoctrinated by the universities and social media to go beyond a Google alert before making clowns of themselves on social media and at the workplace every March 8. In fact, the right clicks would easily get them to the right sources, even communist sources like and the websites of People’s World and Communist Party USA, which can at least help them know this history.

But I digress. The real reason for my belated dispatch for this year’s International Women’s Day was last week’s truly extraordinary action of our president, one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., and his partner, first lady Dr. Jill, she of the Ph.D. in education. It was surreal, actually. Leave it to our octogenarian cultural revolutionary at the White House to find a way to elevate the farce of International Women’s Day to full laughingstock.

You might have gleaned through the glimmering headlines of the Kultursmog that our intrepid president last week bestowed the “International Women of Courage Award” on a person named Alba Rueda. If you’re like me, and surely most Americans, you had never heard of this unusual Argentinian until last week, or likely just now. Being a slack-jawed rube from the Hinterland, I shrugged and assumed that Alba was merely the latest left-wing luminary du jour hailed by the intellectual giants of the culture — that is, liberals. Maybe some obscure poet prattling on about “climate change” in the Third World. As their obvious mental inferior, I grunted in ignorance at the announcement of Alba Rueda.

But a few days later, a longtime friend of this publication emailed me an article about Rueda that enlightened my ignorance — and then some. In fact, my slack-jaw hit the floor.

It turns how that this Alba isn’t some longtime legend among even the Left. In fact, she hasn’t always been Alba Rueda, or even a “she.” Not even in the minds of the keenest of liberals! That’s because Alba Rueda is not actually a woman. This year’s winner of the International Women of Courage Award has Y chromosomes — a gazillion of them, I’m told. Alba Rueda is a biological man.

Yes, our cognitively challenged president, and his wife with a Ph.D. in education, gave the International Women of Courage Award to a man.

No, I’m not being facetious. This happened last week in Washington, D.C., a place filled with smart people. Rueda was given the award and then given a smooch, literally (more literal than Alba’s womanhood), by America’s president and his unflinching secretary of state, Antony Blinken. I was not there, but I am told by sources that Blinken blushed, and curtsied.

You will agree with me that this is a spectacle, will you not? I hazard to say that old comrades Clara and Alexandra and Lenin’s scowling wife would agree. Marx and Engels might even be on my side on this one.

And yet, I find it a fitting gesture for the ideological circus that is the Left’s International Women’s Day today. Progressives’ curious modern embrace of the Bolshevik holiday has suddenly gotten even zanier. Their award for their women’s day has gone to a man.

You laugh, you cry, you sigh. How do you react?

Well, one wonders how feminists react.

Where are the feminists unleashing their fury on Joe Biden? They would be hysterical if Donald Trump had given the International Women of Courage Award to, say, Tucker Carlson. Well, their Democrat president just gave an award created for a woman, on the day named for women worldwide, to a dude.

I would expect feminists to be jumping-ugly angry over this. Surely, a Democrat president ought instead to be honoring some female director of a bunch of Planned Parenthood clinics. Or, at the very least, a female. How hard is that?

This isn’t rocket science, ladies. Step up and let your voices be heard. You have permitted fellow progressives to allow guys “identifying” as girls to beat you in track meets, to body-slam you in wrestling, to leave you in the pool bubbles, to spike you in volleyball, to kick you in the head in martial arts.

When will you say enough is enough? Your pro-choice president had about 4 billion women worldwide to choose from, and he picked a man. How many more indignities must you suffer at the hands of your fellow liberals?

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