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Biden’s Grotty Presidency
Joe and Jill Biden at the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, Iowa, August 8, 2019 (Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

Ahhhh, Joe’s sunglasses. Those aviators that so symbolize the 1960s and earlier decades.

Joe’s glasses remind of another icon from the ’60s — the Beatles’ first film A Hard Day’s Night. The movie was in essence a not-so-fictional look at what a couple days in the life of the Beatles was really like. The Beatles, for those who came in late, were the most popular rock group of the day, and they turned out to be but the first of many British rock bands of the so-called “British invasion” of seemingly countless other British rock groups.

The storyline of the film is the Beatles’ crazy day running up to a performance they would make at night on a live, popular British television show. There they are surrounded by hundreds of screaming girls as they try to get into the studio. There they are as the centerpiece of a party, besieged by beautiful women and pesky reporters. There they are rehearsing in the middle of chaos or in the baggage car of the train taking them to their destination. And there they are finally performing on the TV show as an audience of shrieking fans goes crazy.

Earlier in the day in the black-and-white film, Beatle George Harrison wanders by accident into the office of a production company that has no connection to the TV show. He isn’t recognized but instead is taken for an expected applicant as a male model to promote a new brand of shirts with a teenage girl who has her own TV modeling show. He’s taken in to meet one “Simon Marshal,” the director of the project for an interview, who is presented as someone achingly proud of being both cool (as Biden thinks he is) yet contemptuous of the younger set and all their supposed “hip” ways with language and style (as Biden is contemptuous of conservatives). The script presents their conversation as follows:

Behind a large desk sits SIMON MARSHAL, a bland but slightly irritable young man of about thirty-five. He is wearing the ultimate in the current smart set fashion. He is attended by a couple of underlings ADRIAN and TONY and behind him on the wall is a poster of a girl. Across the poster is printed, “Way Out, your own T.V. Special with Susan Campey. Director, Simon Marshal.”

SECRETARY (proudly): Will this do, Simon?

SIMON (looking at George): Not bad, dolly, not really bad. (He motions to George.) Turn around, chicky baby.

GEORGE does so. 

SIMON: Oh yes, a definite poss. He’ll look good alongside Susan. (He indicates the girl on the poster.) All right, Sunny Jim, this is all going to be quite painless. Don’t breathe on me, Adrian.

ADRIAN has recognised GEORGE and is trying to stop SIMON.

GEORGE: Look, I’m terribly sorry but I’m afraid there’s been some sort of a misunderstanding.

SIMON (sharply): Oh, you can come off it with us. You don’t have to do the old adenoidal glottal stop and carry on for our benefit.

GEORGE: I’m afraid I don’t understand.

SIMON: Oh, my God, he’s a natural. 


SIMON: Good. Hart, get him whatever it is they drink, a cokearama?


SIMON: Well, at least he’s polite, Tony. Show him the shirts, Adrian.

A collection of shirts are produced and GEORGE looks at them. While he is doing this SIMON briefs him.

SIMON: Now, you’ll like these. You really “dig” them. They’re “fab” and all the other pimply hyperboles.

GEORGE: I wouldn’t be seen dead in them. They’re dead grotty.

SIMON: Grotty?

GEORGE: Yeah, grotesque.

Now, from that ’60s film and musical classic — a film whose style would much later be picked up as a model for the creation of MTV — jump ahead to a quick summary of Joe Biden’s first two-and-a-half months in office.


Biden halts the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating 11,000 jobs directly involved with the project and who knows how many others surrounding and servicing those workers. The Biden energy policy will reverse the Trump-led first-time energy independence for the U.S. and instead make the U.S. dependent on energy supplied by Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, or Russia.

The Border

The U.S. Southern border, after a mere two months of Biden policy, is in utter chaos. A massive surge in illegal immigrants is the direct result of Biden’s reckless talk about immigration reform that basically amounts to open immigration. The Hill reports:

The migrant surge at the southern border is turning into a big problem for the Biden administration. The number of children without a parent detained at the border was close to 10,000 in February — roughly double the number from 12 months earlier. Border apprehensions overall topped 100,000 last month, a rise of more than 25 percent over January’s figure.


Biden and Democrats in the House and Senate passed a $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill. Only 9 percent of the bill went to COVID-related issues. The other 91 percent is pure pork and government spending.


Biden is proposing a tax hike for those earning $400,000 and over. The problem is that these tax hikes have always eventually moved downward because the initial tax hike doesn’t provide “enough” revenue. Recall: the COVID relief spending blowout was for $1.9 trillion. The estimated revenue from Biden’s proposed tax hike: $230 billion. Not even close to making up for all the spending.

Election “Reform”

This comes in the form of Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1. Here’s what it does, per the Heritage Foundation:

H.R. 1 would federalize and micromanage the election process administered by the states, imposing unnecessary, unwise, and unconstitutional mandates on the states and reversing the decentralization of the American election process—which is essential to the protection of our liberty and freedom. It would (among other things) implement nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred during the 2020 election; go even further in eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place; and interfere with the ability of states and their citizens to determine the qualifications and eligibility of voters, ensure the accuracy of voter registration rolls, secure the fairness and integrity of elections, and participate and speak freely in the political process.

So in just two months — two months — Joe Biden is already destroying U.S. energy independence, effectively erasing the southern border in favor of the chaos, surges, and gang warfare of “open borders,” spending and taxing the U.S. into financial oblivion, and destroying the American election system to ensure a permanent one-party state.

Or, in other words: This is a dead grotty presidency, man. Grotesque.

With, sadly, four years of grotty to come.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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