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Remember, the Bidens Are Trash

Tuesday, Joe Biden took to a podium at the White House and did perhaps the one virtuous and potentially effective thing he’s done since his inauguration. Biden signaled, as part of the non-kinetic war he’s declared against Russia, that America will no longer buy the 650,000 barrels a day of oil we’re currently buying from them.

In case you might be confused, this column seeks not to credit Joe Biden.

Now, there are finally sanctions on Vladimir Putin which might — might — result in a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine. Putin has put forth conditions to the Ukrainians by which he would agree to stop his war. He says that if Ukraine would agree to a neutral geopolitical position between Russia and the West, cede Crimea and most of the Black Sea coast, and give up the Donbas region, assumedly for it to be swallowed by the Rodina, that the war might cease.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky might have to take that deal if he wants to avoid a Russian encirclement and slaughter of his military and principal cities. Zelensky keeps asking the West for things we aren’t going to give him — a no-fly zone over his country, fighter jets, and so on. Without them, the heroic defense of Ukraine is probably doomed in the long run. The only variable is how much bloodshed, and perhaps what military cost to Russia, stacks up before the end comes.

We aren’t going to bankroll a long-term Ukrainian insurgency. Not against a world power like Russia in Europe. Anyone who tells you we can turn Ukraine into Afghanistan or Vietnam is lying; those countries were insignificant shitholes on the edge of the Great Game. Ukraine matters, and it matters most to Vladimir Putin. So the more you think you’re going to run up a Russian body count by staffing and funding an insurgency which will ultimately, necessarily commit atrocities against occupying Russian soldiers or their proxies over the long haul, the more you’re deluding yourself.

But the in-crowd in Washington is pretty good at delusion.

A few headlines that have come out since the State of the Union speech a week ago:

You get the picture. Since the State of the Union last week, when the president managed to speak for an hour without keeling over or dropping a Ron Burgundy–style “F you, San Diego” gaffe (he made gaffes, to be sure, but they were blue-collar turds rather than the royal variety), there has been some hope that this man might find some footing sufficient to save his party.

While at the same time his party is busily provisioning electoral lifeboats in gubernatorial races across the country in preparation for the grim reality awaiting them.

Rather than analyze the prospects of Biden’s political rehabilitation amid the catastrophic polling data and horrendous on-the-ground realities a year of his handlers’ ministrations have produced, though, it might be useful to recognize just who it is we’re dealing with here.

Does Joe Biden deserve to be rehabilitated by his friends in the media?

The answer is absolutely not. And not just because of the fact Biden’s policies have imposed most of our current malaise.

That’s true to be sure, of course. Russia invaded Ukraine because Biden’s treasonous and moronic energy policies made the Putin regime rich beyond its wildest dreams while his Afghanistan policy indicated America’s foreign-policy resolve was nonexistent. When Biden failed to offer any real deterrent to a Russian invasion of Ukraine before the fact, Putin’s suspicions were confirmed. So we have highest-ever gasoline prices to go with inflation at a 40-year record, and moms across the country in a frenzy over their futures, we have markets in turmoil, working Americans terrified about the future of their jobs and livelihoods, and parents in deep distrust over what leftists want to do to their kids.

The reaction of Biden’s party to a common-sense bill in Florida which would ban trans advocacy to first graders makes that last bit much more than idle paranoia.

But forget about the man’s atrocious policies. Let’s just focus on one thing that shows what an awful human being Joe Biden is.

Let’s remember that Biden’s son Hunter, the crackhead and sex pest whom he has both called “the smartest guy I know” and profited in the millions as “the big guy” off various shady foreign business deals, impregnated a stripper from Arkansas by the name of Lunden Roberts a couple years ago.

The little girl who came from that sordid union’s name is Navy Joan. She’s four. Unlike the six other Biden grandkids, she gets no recognition from the family.

Of course, Hunter Biden refused to acknowledge the girl. A DNA test proved he’s her father.

And the president of the United States, who won’t shut up about his son Beau and his death, going so far last week as to claim that a “burn pit” near where Beau Biden was briefly stationed in Iraq was responsible for the brain cancer that killed him, won’t embrace his own flesh and blood.

Of course Hunter Biden’s liaison with Lunden Roberts when she was working as an exotic dancer in a D.C. strip club was tawdry and embarrassing. But we’re past that now. Navy Joan Roberts is not responsible for the behavior of her father.

For Joe and Jill Biden to deny that little girl the love and recognition grandparents give to their grandchildren is unforgivable. To do it out of some sense of propriety or rectitude is laughable.

Democrats have promoted unwed childbirth for decades. Certainly Joe Biden has. When his own son acts in a manner hardly atypical of his party’s political clients, Biden rejects the product?

It’s disgusting.

Nothing Joe Biden says can be interpreted in a way that gives him the benefit of the doubt. He’s a terrible human being, exemplary of everything Americans despise about the political class. The whole Biden family are terrible people. The abject failure of his presidency, which reads like a modern American Macbeth, is by no means unforeseeable.

We’re all paying a price for the elevation of these people to status as our First Family. And as things get worse, it’s important to resist the attempts of Team Biden’s media allies to save him. They deserve every bit of condemnation and blame you can give them.

It you doubt this, just remember little Navy Joan and the snub from her grandparents, and think about what kind of people would do that.

Scott McKay
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