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The Dangerous ‘Disinformation’ Smear

I’ve been censored a lot. It doesn’t matter how credible my sources are; some messages are just going to be suppressed. The free flow of information has been continuously censored by corporations, politicians, and — of course — social media entities.

Over the past two years, writers like me have had their work destroyed because even conservative publishers are afraid of being blacked out by mainstream audiences. We have been told that social media platforms are private companies and, as such, are allowed to enforce their own rules. I had my phone hacked after writing a scathing piece criticizing the American Families Plan and was forced to turn to independent forms of media and alt-tech social media platforms to keep spreading truth and factual scientific data.

And my work has been labeled as “misinformation” when it tells inconvenient truths. Last year, I interviewed a nurse who quit her job because she couldn’t in good conscience continue pandering lies. She gave me hospital documents that proved COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials never involved pregnant women, but pregnant women were still being instructed to get the vaccine. No one honestly knew what side effects they might have, but doctors and nurses were still told to recommend the vaccines to pregnant women. This article was labeled “misinformation” by Facebook without an appropriate review of the content.

I was later put on a writing assignment to explore the potential need for child pornography charges to be filed against Netflix. This was labeled “misinformation” by Facebook and removed by Pinterest and even some of the independent social media networks.

Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board isn’t about dispelling incorrect information; it’s about controlling the truth.

Every article I have written for the American Thinker has been blocked or banned by various Big Tech entities because I openly speak about COVID hysteria and use factual data to challenge the narrative. Most recently I had a piece published by the Federalist in which I described my experiences supporting the American truckers driving cross country for medical rights with the People’s Convoy. That article was, of course, blocked altogether by mainstream social media.

Because of this, I was one of the many who rejoined Twitter the second I found out that Elon Musk bought it because he believes in protecting free speech. Having witnessed how long it took Congress to finally summon Mark Zuckerberg for questioning over his companies’ dealings, I am now shocked to know that less than a month after Musk’s offer to purchase Twitter was accepted (and before the deal has even been finalized), Congress is already considering summoning him for questioning. This is clearly political bias against a man who bought a company, as he is legally allowed to do, and publicly declared that he wishes to restore the free flow of information ─ which has been stifled by Twitter employees.

This bias only further displays the corruption living within the American government. So does the Biden administration’s new Disinformation Governance Board. Plenty of us know what “misinformation” and “disinformation” really mean to the far Left. All through the pandemic, doctors, politicians, teachers, and parents ─ including the reporters telling their stories ─ have been politically persecuted for exploring scientific fact.

It’s so obvious that it would be laughable if I weren’t already locked out of my new Twitter account (Musk’s takeover needs to be finalized ASAP). Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board isn’t about dispelling incorrect information; it’s about controlling the truth. Again, recent events tell us to expect more of the same from the Biden administration and its supporters: The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was blocked, banned, and called “misinformation” during the 2020 election. Now it’s being accepted and investigated as fact. Various COVID treatments were censored and labeled “misinformation” by social media “fact-checkers,” yet many have proven to be effective treatments. (READ MORE: Biden’s Ministry of Truth)

The “disinformation” label is just the latest smear campaign led by an administration that fears being exposed for what it truly is. Thankfully, though, our judicial system is still working, and some of our elected officials are still fighting against full-blown tyranny. Most recently, Republican Congressman Mike Johnson has teamed up with 50 other House members to draft a bill that would defund Biden’s obviously unlawful branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Johnson called the Disinformation Governance Board a “ministry of truth” and declared that Biden should dissolve it immediately. He said, “if he won’t then Republicans will.”

This measure is set to stir up party politics, but it is one that needs our support. We cannot forget how censorship has led to the death and destruction of our rights. We cannot forget how government-led narratives prevented many people from receiving COVID treatment or how our own elections were manipulated by the suppression of news that was deemed “disinformation” and then later proven true. We have to remember the importance of freedom of information if we truly wish to remain informed and free to exchange ideas.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner is a homeschooling mother of four, and her work has been featured by the Epoch Times, Evie Magazine, the New American, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and many more. 

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