Marion Elizabeth Rodgers
by | Jan 10, 2020

If ever there was a match made in heaven, it would have to be the marriage of the late Edmund and Sylvia Morris, two literary biographers who will be sorely missed. He died from a sudden stroke on May 24,…

by | May 30, 2019

I remember that morning as if it were yesterday. I was in my twenties, about to launch my book on H. L. Mencken, and looking for a job. The lobbyist Nancy Clark Reynolds, who knew Ronald Reagan, had suggested my…

by | Jul 6, 2018

In another example of political correctness gone awry, the American Library Association decided to drop Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from a prestigious children’s literature award. According to the statement, the author, as represented by her “Little House” series, “reflect dated…

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