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Attention Ron Paul: Anti-Semitism in Your Midst

To: Congressman Ron Paul, liberal media outlets
Subject: Anti-Semitism

The other day I came across my name on an Internet site called “The Daily Paul.”

The site is devoted to you, Congressman Paul, and is not officially affiliated with the Paul campaign as you know. The reference was brief, and as a critic of yours when it comes to foreign policy there was no surprise your fans were not pleased with me. There was zero offensive in what was said, all well within the bounds of political writing.

But while visiting I noticed something else.

A number of your supporters were also launching into talk radio host Mark Levin. Again, no problem on the surface. Mr. Levin is also a critic of your foreign policy as well, and as a public figure he’s certainly no stranger to controversy.

 But there was something disturbing here. Instead of describing, I will link here and repeat verbatim some of the posted comments from your supporters:

Levin is nothing more than a Israel-firster who follows the Talmud theory of Jewish superiority over the gentiles, or what these followers call ‘goy’ (lesser humans). Levin and the other radio hacks main objective is keeping the Zionist mantra alive, and daily make Israel out to be the victim. Zionism, like the Fed, is a Rothschild creation to undermine the once peaceful Christian nation we had into a nation of war and debt that leads to our destruction.” 

“Yeah — I know exactly what’s going on — Levin is a piece of crap. He has bashed Ron Paul for years. Mainly because Dr. Paul wants to end ALL foreign aid which means to ISRAEL TOO. Levin is a hateful, Zionist. He is as ANTI-AMERICAN as they come. He should be tried for treason. And we know the sentence for treason.

“Strychnine Levin, agent for the State of Israel?! I Hate him!!!”

You are a smart guy, Congressman, and a decent man. Don’t you see anything wrong here?

On another site dedicated to you was a discussion of your recent TV interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity. Comments like these were posted:

“Ron Paul puts America First rather than Israel First.”

“Who really gives a sh…t about Israel, Hannity? Not the american people. Maybe the zionist owned banks and media. That’s it.”

Congressman Paul, in fairness, you cannot be held responsible for every nut who scribbles on a blog favoring your candidacy. But isn’t it fair to ask you to directly address this problem? At some point in this campaign for the presidency of the United States it seems fair to ask you directly why you are the only candidate in the GOP race who repeatedly attracts those who are self-evidently virulent anti-Semites. How does your campaign supporter Tom Woods explain this phenomenon? 

 Just as a question not directly to the Congressman. An observation. Last night Congressman Paul himself appeared on one of our favorite Fox shows, Special Report with Bret Baier, a guest on the show’s “Center Seat” feature with GOP presidential candidates. Incredibly, sitting right there on the set with Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams and Steve Hayes — the subject of the disturbing anti-Semitism regularly evidenced by Paul supporters never even came up! Why? No answer here…just a genuine question of how something as disturbing as this could be ignored.

And to the liberal media:

Occupy Wall Street is similarly awash in anti-Semitism. Last night Bill O’Reilly ran this clip that is typical. Where in the world are you liberal media? Here’s a clip from David Duke, famous for his leadership of the Ku Klux Klan. What’s he going on about?  Yes indeed, Duke is asking if “Zionist Jews” control Wall Street. Need it be said if this were a Tea Party supporter and instead of “Jews” the man in this clip had said “gays” this video would be front page news in every liberal media outlet available.

So the question: Congressman Paul, will you speak up and separate yourself from these anti-Semites? Can you explain why they seem to be drawn to your candidacy and no one else on the GOP side?

And when will the liberal media start doing its job in covering the anti-Semitic sentiments running through Occupy Wall Street? Do they really intend to give a movement supported by David Duke — not to mention American Nazis — a pass?

And one last one: isn’t anyone out there curious or concerned in the slightest that the anti-Semitism showing up in these Occupiers is also showing up among the Paul supporters? Congressman Paul — do you have any explanation for this? Does anyone else?

Someone needs to ask the obvious.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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