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Are Abortion Doctors “Helping” Women?

“We need to be vocal and educate people about this—abortion is not a terrible social ill, it’s just a part of women’s health.” –Doctor Estes to Tara Culp-Ressler

“The biggest weapon in the other side’s arsenal is shame and stigma.” –Merle Hoffman, CEO of Choices, to Culp-Ressler.

Abortion providers are nervous. States across the nation, most notably Texas, Ohio, and Mississippi, have passed late-term abortion bans and other restrictions on the unethical procedure.

Tara Culp-Ressler’s piece at Think Progress illustrates the desperation of these doctors, who must deal with the limitations of their “job options,” along with, God forbid, Christmas cards from pro-lifers who pray for them. 

Can we really see abortion professionals as martyrs in this regard? Throughout the piece, we read about “help,” “care,” “social justice,” “reproductive rights,” and women’s health. No mention of what abortion actually is: the destruction of a life. It doesn’t matter how young that life is: it is a human, not a “fetus.”

Yet the term “reproductive right,” which absolutely prioritizes the mother’s life over that of her child, hides this. Some of these doctors claim to only want to “help [women] choose the best type of contraception” or even “help them have healthy pregnancies.”

Recent late-term abortion bans and regulations do not aim at such initiatives. They target Kermit Gosnell and other doctors who destroy human life.

Is a late-term abortion really “aid” to a grieving mother? We know it’s no help to the other unmentioned life. Young Americans are beginning to realize that.

The pro-life movement’s next step is to take real care: to eliminate that image of shame and stigma towards poor women who undergo these horrific procedures.

What will we do for those women who still believe abortion is the only choice? Do you know where your local crisis pregnancy center is? When was the last time you gave your time, labor, or money?

One of the words used the most in Culp-Ressler’s piece is “help.” That is an easy word to manipulate. G.K. Chesterton realized that “…it is the short words that are hard. There is much more metaphysical subtlety in the word ‘damn’ than in the word ‘degeneration.’”

Abortion is increasingly becoming unpopular in this country again. That is good, as I don’t think abortion helps the mother, let alone the child.

But how will we truly help the poor mother? What will that word mean now as it relates to abortion?   

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