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America Is Ceasing to Be Good, So It’s Ceasing to Be Great
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America, Alexis de Toqueville said, would cease to be great when it stopped being good. The prophet Isaiah says in chapter 5 verse 20, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

America is ceasing to be good. It’s perverting justice. It’s filled with lies and with liars and with those who want to believe the lies.

Crime is on the rise. There are girls with knives assaulting other girls. There are girls murdering Uber drivers and getting slapped on the wrist for the crime. There are drug users overdosing and acting violently. There are people burning down cities in response to police responding to bad people doing bad things.

And yes, there are bad, power-tripping cops. We don’t see too much of it here in America because police officers, if they’re smart, are utterly cowed and are unlikely to intervene in dangerous situations. China and Canada seem to be filled to the brim with overzealous cops. They’re sending SWAT teams to churches. Oh wait, in America, Catholic priests call the police so they can drag churchgoers out of church for not wearing masks. So while cops aren’t surrounding churches here yet, there’s really no need to when preachers will make sure the cops can boot out worshippers for them.

Media lies: A smattering 

The media lies constantly and faces zero repercussions. This week, the D.C. medical examiner reported that Capitol Hill officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes. This information, conveniently released while the country looked toward Minneapolis, would have lessoned the smear against the January 6 protesters. FBI director Christopher Wray lied to Chuck Grassley about the death, saying that the “investigation was ongoing” while he knew damn well that Sicknick died of natural causes. He fomented the lie, let it fester and grow.

The lies are made to ensure the narrative became hardened. Wray was conducting a psy-op against the people of America — is conducting one. The desire is to so tarnish anyone who rejects the narrative and make sure they’re labeled terrorists.

The media then lies about other members of the media who dare report the truth. Here’s one example.

The FBI frames the attempted murder of Republican House members and senators by a crazed Bernie Bro as a “suicide by cop.” The “suicidal” man shot 136 bullets at Republicans before being shot himself. More lies from bureaucrats who seek to minimize Democrat violence.

The list of evils is endless. An average person who gave $10 to the defense of a kid being accused of murder when he was defending himself was fired after being doxxed by journalists. Ten bucks for his life, reputation, and livelihood. Dissenters of any type are being exiled, throttled, deplatformed, demonetized, and destroyed.

Here’s a story of a guy who defended his wife from a sicko psycho who attempted to kidnap a baby and felt up a woman, and the police are blaming the defender instead of the creep who was tormenting people in the neighborhood. The defender is being persecuted, his house ransacked, his life ruined because the police wouldn’t do their jobs and then, when he had to defend his family, blamed him for doing so.

Did anyone doubt the outcome of the Chauvin trial? Were any naive people out there who believed that a jury from the town where everyone had seen the videotape, where the jury wasn’t sequestered, where the trial happened near the streets of the crime, would come to any other but a foregone conclusion of guilty? These jury members saw the pigs’ blood. They heard the news. They knew how the “wrong” verdict would play. They worked at local businesses that had already been ransacked and destroyed. Plus, Chauvin wasn’t a sympathetic character. No matter. It was not a fair trial. It was tainted by Joe Biden, Maxine Waters, and, most of all, a lying, conniving media.

Even saying that someone deserves a fair hearing gets fired and canceled for noting one of the shining fundamentals of the American justice system. How dare someone get a vigorous defense, a fair trial, a presumption of innocence?

The problem is that it’s not just the individual, craven political leaders involved. It’s not just the Pontius Pilates — the Bidens, Sharptons, Maxine Waters, or the stupid Squad. It’s the mob screaming for innocent blood — it’s the mob calling evil good and good evil.

Lying about power

There can be no honest discussion about power and inequality. Never mind that the Democrats in these forsaken cities have shut businesses and schools down, leaving people listless, hopeless, and with too much time on their hands. Lots of devil’s work being done, but not much else. These leaders are making kids in Democrat cities dumber and less motivated. They’re allowing their cities to be gutted, and they assume their cities will rebuild with trillions in funny money. The money can flow for three generations — it has to Detroit — and what they’ve lost they will not get back.

A fair discussion about the limits of police power and the need for strict guidelines and accountability will get lost in the mess. The most vulnerable neighborhoods won’t be policed. Their businesses ruined. Cities that a year ago were beautiful will become gutted Baltimores if they aren’t already. Businesses won’t rebuild there. Cops won’t answer calls. Police forces will recruit less desirable people. The cops will be more, not less, corrupt. People who want nature and peace and safety will move out. Who wants to live in a war zone?

Democrats control these places, and the people who live there vote Democrat almost exclusively. The mayors, police chiefs, and nearly every person in power is a black person. Somehow, the problem is racism. No one talks about corruption and the unchallenged power these Democrats have.

The victims and “victims”

No one can talk about the scourge of single parenthood. No one can discuss the pain and misery of children with no boundaries so their behavior gets increasingly violent just to get someone’s, anyone’s, attention. And then the community acts shocked to cover the shame that the first decent man to pay attention to the feral child is a police officer.

No one will talk about how the lockdowns often took the only parent around away (since she has to work and feed her kids) and the children were left at home alone. Already stressed families were further eroded because of government policy intended to deprive Trump of the White House but destroying children in the process.

Police officers cannot be parents and nurses and drug counselors, but that’s what they’re asked to do. No honest discussions about this burden. Oh no! God forbid Americans acknowledge reality.

It takes an indomitable will for a mother to not be overcome by the relentless responsibilities of raising a child alone. It is unbelievably challenging, and this lifestyle is set up as an ideal to strive for. Leftists deify single mothers while consigning them to misery. There can be no honest discussion about this challenge.

Meanwhile, America is supposed to view LeBron James and Meghan Markle as victims. Seriously? These multi-millionaire culture warriors have their perch and privilege and power because of the opportunity of the American system, and then they turn around and imply that white people are standing in the way. Would those white people be the ones working for them?

The term “cry-bully” is perfect. They whine and complain while using their power against people who will never have the platform, fortune, or fame that they do. They’re examples of everything they claim to hate.

American liars

The unbelievable thing is that these privileged people have fans who feel sorry for them. They defend these dishonest hypocrites and in so doing reveal themselves to be as dishonest as their empty heroes.

Americans are becoming a pack of liars. They lie about what works and doesn’t. They lie about policies. They lie about each other.

Solutions cannot be constructed to problems no one is willing to admit. And worse, people are pretending that other problems are the real problems to avoid dealing with the truth.

America doesn’t have a racist police problem. Not really. Not when honestly looking at the stats. That takes time and a willingness to face data, though. No one can be bothered to check. There’s a narrative to serve.

Teaching students that all white people are evil and black people are naturally good will not change the challenges anyone faces in life. It’s a pack of lies meant to make people feel better by feeling worse about the fact that the real privilege, whether one is white or black, is to have married parents who make the kids a priority. That’s the truth. What’s also true is that our kids being taught this critical race theory claptrap are being trained into mindless morons who think that they look moral and good because they put pronouns in their bios and bend the knee, sometimes literally, in the public square because of the shame of an inborn trait — their skin color.

America’s educators are breeding racists and patting themselves on the back while doing it. A parent of a private school student in New York, Andrew Guttman, yanked his child out of the school and wrote a letter to the school. It’s a must-read. At least a few people are honest. Not enough, though. Most will gulp and not want to potentially deprive their children of opportunities even when they’re filling their child’s brains with bilge.

It’s going to get worse — both the lies and the problems beneath them. Cities that have sold their souls this last year won’t recover. Police will stop policing. People will move out. Mayors will raise taxes. That will drive more middle-class people from the cities. Public services will decrease. Federal money (if Democrats are in charge) will pour in to the cities. The money will go into corrupt Democrats’ pockets. Crime will increase. Guys like Al Sharpton will come in to foment rage. And the cycle will wear on.

The Democrats won’t care about their people. They don’t now. They never have. They care about power. They use their constituents as cannon fodder and will continue to do so.

What is new is that nearly everyone else is playing along with the scam — at least with words. Gutless Americans will say anything to keep their jobs, it seems. “I’m a racist? Why yes indeedy, I’ll sign right here saying I am, because that’s what my corporate overlords or the government wants me to say so I can keep my job.”

Gutless politicians won’t call out the reality. They won’t look at voting insecurity and irregularities in Democrat strongholds because they fear being called racist. They won’t call out the fact that idiot trespassers are still in jail for misdemeanor charges months later and without bail for nonsense, many in solitary confinement. Speaking of unequal justice. Everyone in America knows that the looters and burners in Portland, Oakland, Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., and Chicago can destroy property and livelihoods and be released the same day for far more heinous crimes. No one says a peep because it’s politically correct to deprive Trump protesters of their rights while letting Democrat criminals get away with murder.

COVID lies

The last year has been about lying — getting used to the lies and telling them, but, most importantly, believing them to avoid confrontation.

COVID politics is lying politics. The current fear-mongering? Children getting the virus. Oh no! Unvaccinated children are becoming the bigger proportion of COVID sufferers. That means they’re getting a cold, if they have symptoms at all. It’s just another way that the media lies, foments fear, and intimidates Americans into subservience. Here’s a courageous exception.

Like mindless robots, Americans walk around with double masks outdoors, and then, rather than being made fun of for being ridiculous, the maskholes feel emboldened to shame those with common sense. Children, at no risk, are forced to wear masks. Families are kicked off of planes for recalcitrant toddlers. The world goes mad, and Americans remain silent.

Climate crisis!

Greta Thunberg raised her head today. As James O’Keefe’s most recent exposé shows, CNN has a new fear all lined up. As COVID wanes, as George Floyd’s usefulness is exhausted, the media must frighten Americans another way. Climate emergency, here Scientific American comes! Speaking of James, he’s deplatformed from Twitter for doing journalism and exposing the CNN frauds. (He’s suing Twitter.) But we live in upside-down world, so James is booted while the lying propagandists at CNN remain.

Democrats act incredulous at the Biden border travesty. They feign shock and surprise and pretending that Biden’s irresponsibility didn’t bring multiple thousands of unaccompanied minors to America. Liars all. They know what Biden has done. They just don’t want to admit it. Are the stories of rape and abuse and dropping babies and drowning a slow-rolling, wholly preventable horror show? Yes. Good luck getting Democrats to admit it.

The benefits of lying

Who really has the power? The elites do, of course. Both parties, the media, tech overlords, Hollywood, education, business CEOs, all of them are an oligarchy intent on telling Americans how to live. Their shock troops are the Antifa and BLM communists tearing down cities. These so-called victims derive power at the expense of the people they claim to represent. That’s why buying four houses as a communist BLM organizer is a-okay. It’s the deal all these elites have. By being professional victims, they gain power — just ask professional inciter Al Sharpton.

Americans used to resist this obvious ploy, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the way to power is to be a victim or to admit to being a victimizer. For many white liberals, unwilling to give up their own jobs, elite schools, and the rest of it gain power by admitting they have power. They make big productions about their insensitivity and change nothing. Multiple leftist white professors have pretended to be black, Indian, or some “oppressed” group. They gained power by pretending to be victims.

Why tell the truth, why accept truth, when there is so much to gain by being a liar and accepting lies? When the cost for not going along means losing a job, losing one’s good name and reputation, and having one’s life threatened, lies seem a better price to pay. Too many Americans are gladly paying it.

Another Old Testament prophet’s says, “Why do You show me iniquity, And cause me to see trouble? For plundering and violence are before me; There is strife, and contention arises. Therefore the law is powerless, And justice never goes forth. For the wicked surround the righteous; Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.” That’s Habakkuk 1:3-4.

Americans are in a circle of mendacity and deceit and delusion. They’re actively participating in it. The lies erode our national character. This is causing our nation to cease to be good. Don’t be surprised when America ceases to be great.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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