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Alinsky Is Winning

By handing Obama a crisis on a silver platter, with the conservatives now in the position of being the ones who caused it, the 25 hold-outs against the Boehner plan are playing right into Obama’s Alinskyite playbook. Read Rules for Radicals and you see that this is exactly what Obama wants. In fact, it might be too late to reverse the damage. Obama may have already won.

What the 25 have done is akin to a football team in the playoffs holding a five-point lead, trying to run out the clock, and getting to third and goal at the opponents’ one-yard-line with ten seconds left and with the opponents having used their last time-out. Sense says to fall on the ball. Instead, what the 25 have done is like the team trying for another touchdown, fumbling, and having the opponent pick up the loose ball with a clear field ahead of them. Think Joe Pisarcik and Herm Edwards — only worse.

Who will get the blame when private-sector vendors, with tens of thousands or more of employees, don’t get paid because the debt ceiling was breached? Conservatives. Who will be blamed when veterans get stiffed? Conservatives. Conservatives will be blamed when 401(k) plans start to suffer immensely. Conservatives will be blamed when home values plummet. Conservatives will be blamed when foreign financial institutions rush to drop the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Conservatives will be blamed for all sorts of other things too, even ones that actually have nothing to do with government funding but that will get ascribed to the effects of the debt-limit breach.

What a crying shame. What a tragedy — just as conservatives were on the verge of winning a major early battle, on behalf of taxpayers, in what at best would have been a long war. It would have been a victory in the form of the single-largest domestic discretionary savings from current baselines in the history of the United States, by a large multiple. But now it might not happen.

Joe Pisarcik now rules.

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