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A Crazy Week of Moore Reasons to Vote for Roy Moore

As the Alabama race for the United States Senate seat, formerly held by Jeff Sessions, enters its home stretch, developments around the country during this past crazy week underscore why Alabama voters must elect Judge Roy Moore and absolutely must hold that crimson red Senate seat. In this Year of Al Franken and against the backdrop of Icon John Conyers, there no longer is a compelling argument — especially not a convincing moral or religious argument — that can justify Republicans throwing away yet another U.S. Senate seat that hums “GOP.”

  1. In the Year of Al Franken and Iconyers, Republicans Must See Through the Two-Faced “Morality Play.”

Democrats and their leftist media have been telling Republican and Independent voters in Alabama that they should be ashamed to vote for Roy Moore to sit as their United States Senator. The Democrats are gambling that Alabama Republicans, being humbly conservative and traditionally moral people and often very deeply religious people, will be suckers for this argument. It seems always to have worked in the past.

Thus, Republicans threw away the U.S. Senate seat from Indiana and the seat from Missouri six years ago when their two candidates, “not ready for prime time,” made fools of themselves, getting suckered into opining on whether women impregnated by rapists should be entitled to abort. That kind of subject is a fascinating discussion suitable for a break-out panel at a Christian theological seminary, a Catholic conference of bishops, and a Rabbinic symposium on Talmudic Law. By contrast, the subject is utterly irrelevant to the state of this country as it faces nuclear realities from North Korea to Iran, a porous southern border through which deadly opioids ooze unfettered, even as that porous border symbolizes a broken and corrupted immigration system. In a country that still cannot outlaw late-term abortions, it suffices to say that rape is horrific, and rapists belong in prison, not anchoring mainstream liberal networks’ morning news.

We also gave away a seat in Delaware by running a witch, albeit The Good Witch of the Northeast, who did not know that the Constitution addresses church-state separation. Minnesota was stolen from us by Democrat vote-rigging and ballot-stuffing during the few hours when Al Franken’s hands were free. Alaska was stolen when Ted Stevens was indicted and convicted on charges brought by a corrupt prosecutor; the conviction was overturned by the outraged courts — but too late, after the election was done and lost. We lost Nevada, where Harry Reid was deeply vulnerable, by running an even less ready candidate.

Meanwhile, Conyers remains adamant through his attorney: he “sure as hell” is not leaving Congress. And Al Franken ain’t going back to Frostbite Falls either. He is a pig who spent hours at a desk penning one of the most disgusting articles ever published, who made one of the crudest sex pedophile jokes ever spoken, who thrust his tongue into an unwilling woman’s mouth and then swirled it around inside — and soon after, as she exhaustedly slept on an airplane, hammed it up in front of a camera with his hands either actually groping her breasts or just millimeters away — and who grabbed several other women’s buttocks while posing for photos with them. Should he not resign his seat? What about the dignity of the august Senate? All the morality arguments that his Democrats are proffering against Roy Moore?

No Democrat is pushing Franken out because Democrats know how many Senate seats it takes to pass or preserve Obamacare. To keep taxes high. To prevent conservatives from naming federal judges and Supreme Court justices. To keep the border porous. So Al is staying put — on the Senate Judiciary Committee, yet.

That is how Democrats do it. They make Republicans feel guilty. They con Christians and religious Catholics and observant Jews into feeling that, somehow, there is a religious or moral imperative to abandon a critical United States Senate seat. Then they cynically scoop it up, cobbling together Congressional majorities built on the hands and in the trousers of their House icons and their Senate royalty like Al Franken, Ted Kennedy, Chris Dodd, and other gems. All backed by a quarter-century iconization of Bill Clinton and Hillary, who only now — finally — are being thrown under the bus as the Donna Braziles, Kirsten Gillibrands, and others belatedly race to dissociate from them because, now that the Clintons finally are dead in Democrat politics, the survivors who fed off their teets for years rush to tell us that they just never knew about Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky… or the young rape victim over whom Hillary giggled when describing how she got the rapist off.

Regardless of whether some of us would prefer that Jeff Sessions leave Justice and return to seek that seat, or that Mo Brooks contend for that seat, we need that seat to preserve and improve on tax reforms and cuts, to repeal and replace Obamacare, to strengthen the military, to seal the southern border — and, most important, to continue restoring judicial conservative principles to the United States federal district courts, appellate circuit courts, and Supreme Court.

Republicans cannot lose that Alabama seat. The latest polls, aside from the one conducted by the biased Washington Post, evidence that the seat can be saved. Roy Moore must be elected.

  1. The Kate Steinle Verdict Disaster.

Watching California operate as a sanctuary state is like experiencing the secession period during the Civil War. On one hand, there is a United States federal government that makes laws, prints money, arms a military, protects borders — and then there are cities and states who expect to receive hundreds of millions of dollars from Washington while rebelliously following their own laws, their own Constitution, comprising their own country: The Resistance. The federal government asks them to hand over convicted criminals who illegally are trespassing in our country, and these Democrat Secessionists defiantly thumb their noses, taking a knee to our flag and laws.

In one of the most notorious illegal-immigrant stories of our lifetime, one Jose Ines Garcia Zarate aka Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (hereinafter, “Dirtbag”) killed sweet precious Kate Steinle at San Francisco’s Pier 14 in July 2015. Dirtbag had been deported five times for entering America illegally and had been convicted of a long laundry list of violent crimes (to the degree that Dirtbag and “laundry list” fit in the same sentence). Indeed, the very narrative of Dirtbag’s criminal record reads more like that of an animated character in a video game than it does like a human’s life. This past week a San Francisco jury acquitted Dirtbag of murdering Kate Steinle, finding that he shot the stolen gun in his hands accidentally. In fairness to the jury, who presumably were the only twelve people in all of San Francisco who somehow never had heard of Kate Steinle or of Dirtbag, or who had managed not to form any opinion of the matter through the two years since the despicable killing, they deliberated carefully for six days, and they were denied access to certain information that the rest of us had. Moreover, it well may be that the prosecution was as incompetent as were the prosecutors who blew the original O.J. Simpson murder trial.

And here is the Roy Moore connection: President Trump is determined to deal with sanctuary cities, to get the revolving Dirtbags “the hell out” of our country, and to seal off the porous border. Indeed, this subject apparently is the only segment of the Trump Administration’s entire agenda that has engaged Attorney General Jeff Sessions meaningfully. (In all other areas pertaining to the administration of justice, Mr. Sessions seems instead to be merely a fascinated observer viewing life around him in a virtual-reality headset, watching with wonderment as we learn of James Comey’s biases, the Deep State anti-Trump FBI partisans working for Robert Mueller who soft-pedaled the Hillary email cover-up and the Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch tarmac-meeting cover-up.) For the President to advance his immigration agenda, whether building a wall or restricting immigration from hostile countries, he will need United States Senators to pass his legislation and to approve his judicial nominations.

  1. The Tax Reform Bill and Massive Tax Cut Vote in the United States Senate.

President Trump campaigned on a promise to simplify the tax code and to reduce taxes on individuals and corporations. He honored his promise. He never stopped pressing for passage of proposals that will leave more money in virtually every taxpayer’s pocket while stimulating the capitalist economy, both for major corporations and for small businesses. However, because of arcane United States Senate rules that have no Constitutional basis but instead are rooted in convoluted rituals promulgated by the likes of prior generation Democrats like Robert Byrd, certain dynamic aspects of the President’s tax-cut agenda have had to be set aside for now in order to obtain what could be legislated through so-called “Budget Reconciliation.”

With a bare 52-48 GOP Senate majority, and with Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee determined to even a personal score with President Trump, the Senate version of the bill that passed the House almost went down to defeat. But the Republicans held. Susan Collins of Maine fought gamely to preserve the deduction for property taxes, and she stuck with the team. Ron Johnson got what he needed. Rand Paul managed to overcome his broken-ribs situation. For a day, Jeff Flake and John McCain set aside their personal issues with President Trump.

And — incredibly importantly — it is critical for Alabama voters to grasp that not one single solitary Democrat broke ranks from Chuck Schumer to vote for the tax cut.

The Democrats cynically run ostensibly moderate-seeming candidates in Republican states like Indiana, North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, and West Virginia. Like Doug Jones who is opposing Roy Moore in Alabama, those “moderates” falsely assure voters that they are not in Chuck Schumer’s pocket, are independent thinkers, and will not betray their conservative constituents if elected and sent to Washington. Yet, without exception, they all are brazen liars. The vote on the Senate tax bill proves the lie. When push comes to shove, when every last vote counts, Joe Donnelly (D-IN), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Claire McCaskill (D-MO), John Tester (D-MT), and Joe Manchin (D-WV) were in Chuck Schumer’s pocket. Same with Bill Nelson (D-FL), Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), and Sherrod Brown (D-OH). Not one voted for tax cuts. That is where Doug Jones will be. As the President has warned, Jones would be bad on crime, bad on defense, bad on the border, bad on judges, bad on everything. It would be like Alabama giving one of its two United States Senate seats to New York or California.

If Doug Jones goes to Washington, he will vote as every other “moderate” Democrat votes — exactly as directed by Chuck Schumer. He will wield “blue slips” and will vote against nominations of conservative federal judges to take back the federal courts from the excesses of the Obama years that now see “sanctuary benches” to which President Trump’s opponents race every time the President tries to take an executive action to deregulate the economy or protect the homeland. He will vote to uphold sanctuary cities and keep them federally funded to the gills, even when the likes of Dirtbag kills the likes of sweet precious Kate Steinle. He will withhold his vote for tax cuts and tax reform as do all the other Democrat “moderates.” He will stand by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. And he will learn to get along just fine, up and close, with Al Franken because, unlike Kevin Spacey, Sen. Franken (D-MN) gropes only the breasts and buttocks of women and forcibly inserts his tongue and swirls it inside the mouths of women only.

  1. Understanding Why Naysaying Republican Senators Must Be Ignored and Disregarded.

It remains finally to address briefly the line-up of Republicans in the U.S. Senate who have spoken against Judge Moore. They are not to be heeded. Their words are cynical; they are politicians. Inasmuch as Judge Moore has not stepped aside, they need him to hold the Alabama seat. Nevertheless, they have their eyes on their own future reelection campaigns. They can anticipate the party of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, of Anthony Weiner and John Edwards, of John Conyers and Al Franken, running campaign ads in their home states accusing them of being soft on sexual issues. So they have raced, serially, to get the right sound-bites on tape, on YouTube, on Facebook. Stuff that cannot be used against them and that perhaps even can bolster their electoral standing with women. It is all politics; they will learn to work with Roy Moore just fine. At the very worst, they will initiate the same ethics committee process that is being started with Al Franken, and the two investigations will result in similar outcomes that will assure a Republican Alabama seat. As with the Wizard of Oz, just ignore the men behind the curtain, mired in the swamp.

Dov Fischer
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Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq., a high-stakes litigation attorney of more than twenty-five years and an adjunct professor of law of more than fifteen years, is rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California. His legal career has included serving as Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review, clerking for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, and then litigating at three of America’s most prominent law firms: JonesDay, Akin Gump, and Baker & Hostetler. In his rabbinical career, Rabbi Fischer has served several terms on the Executive Committee of the Rabbinical Council of America, is Senior Rabbinic Fellow at the Coalition for Jewish Values, has been Vice President of Zionist Organization of America, and has served on regional boards of the American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brith Hillel, and several others. His writings on contemporary political issues have appeared over the years in the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Jerusalem Post, National Review, American Greatness, The Weekly Standard, and in Jewish media in American and in Israel. A winner of an American Jurisprudence Award in Professional Legal Ethics, Rabbi Fischer also is the author of two books, including General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine, which covered the Israeli General’s 1980s landmark libel suit.
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