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A Chronicle of Wasted Time, Senatorial Edition

I could have flown to Vegas and back, or I could have driven ten miles in Los Angeles, or I could have cleaned my humble abode, or watched paint dry, or volunteered at a soup kitchen. I am curious as to whether or not they serve soup in the summer. I am also wondering, if I had cleaned my humble abode again, would I have learned and done more than I did by watching the Senate quagmire? Thank you, Senators, for once again stealing three hours from my very exciting life, and once again reminding me of the fantasy you live in, and the reality most Americans actually dwell in.

I’m not exactly sure whether this was a hearing, or open auditions for who will be replacing Statler and Waldorf. My vote goes for McCain and Warner. This is what the American tax payer is paying for? This is the best we could come up with? Who fills their glasses of water? Or, when they’re empty, are they out of luck? Are they allowed to have coffee inside, and what happens if they need to go to the bathroom? I was more curious about those things than about the actual questioning that was going on.

Fifty of the same questions asked in fifty different ways, all with the same response. The President did not pressure us. And just so the Senate can understand what pressuring is, it is what you Muppets did in your questioning, or statements. Be honest and call this what it is: a take down and shake down of the man who crashed your slumber party.

That is really what this comes down to and will always come down to with President Trump. He tweets differently and he talks differently and acts differently. He’s unfamiliar with procedure and decorum; his ties are longer, tweets harsher, wife hotter and kids smarter. At its most basic level, the President asked a favor for a friend and, if he’s guilty, then lock me up. And, if he’s guilty, I will walk every one of you into prison tomorrow.

Now we are left with a ticking clock to the Comey inquisition. When the time runs out, we will all be left wondering what we could have been doing instead with our time. All the proof you need that this is a media-invented nothing is that there is an actual ticking clock to the Comey diaries. Am I the only one who finds it a tad odd and embarrassing that the former head of the FBI will be asked if he kept a diary and what his entries were? I’m actually more curious about what his diary looks like then what’s in it. Is it bedazzled or just black? So as the clock ticks down, I humbly offer a few suggestions of what I and any of you could do to make more constructive use of our time.

Really it’s just one suggestion. Let’s wonder what these Senators could actually be doing for you with their time, rather than what they are doing for themselves, to enhance and further their political careers. Imagine for a second, if they were working on health care reform, tax reform, and infrastructure reform. Imagine for a second they were there to serve us, and not themselves. Spend four hours doing that, rather than watching the Muppets do Washington. The clock is ticking, and the paint is drying; I’m leaning on a fresh new coat.

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