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Re: Hillary
Team Rudy also is thinking Hillary needs some scrutiny. They send along this exchange from a press avail in California.
REPORTER: How about Senator Clinton’s perspective on torture?

MAYOR GIULIANI: “Honestly. I think I’m going to adopt a new posture with Senator Clinton. I’m going to wait until she holds a position for a week or two, then I’m going to comment on it. Senator Clinton changes her mind so often, it is really, really hard to critique a particular position, because by the time you critique it she may have changed it. I remember Senator Clinton, during the first Presidential debate or second, saying ‘I’m going to get the troops out of Iraq, and if they’re not out by the time I’m President, I’ll take them out.’ I think I heard a totally different position here, which is, ‘I’m not sure,’ she said, ‘I’m not even sure they’ll be out by 2013.’ That’s like a total-that’s not a flip-flop, that’s like a total trip around the world. And, she certainly said that under limited circumstances, she would favor aggressive questioning …The other night, she’s unequivocally opposed to it, and she’s going to lecture her husband about it, because apparently, he left some opening on it. And now it turns out, some group of generals helped her change her mind. So I can’t keep track of all these things, so I’m going to end up, I’m going to end up probably criticizing her for a position that she’s already changed, and then you’re all going to say I’m being unfair. So I’m going to adopt a new strategy, I’m going to wait a day or two, see if she holds that position, if she does, then I’ll criticize it.”

Then there is this from Rudy’s comment on Hillary’s “baby bond” plan this afternoon on the Sean Hannity radio show:

“This is I guess, you know, a chicken in every pot kind of a campaign. Pander to everyone. The idea of a 5,000 dollar bond for every child born in the United States, we’ve got four million that are born in the United States every year, rough math that would be at least 20 billion dollars more in federal spending. And the idea–an awful lot of kids would be getting that bond that don’t need it, right? … I mean no disrespect to Mr. [Bill] Gates, but his children would get it, right? … It’s not that every American can’t afford college. Programs to help kids that can’t afford college make sense. But this is, you know, this is a deeper thing … This is a campaign based on pandering to the point where I think they think the American people are stupid.”

So to review: Rudy is saying Hillary is without core beliefs, lacks resolution and thinks Americans are dull witted enough to accept her spending spree ideas at face value. Hmm… Who’s saying take me or leave me and you know where I stand? Who’s touting the cost cutting record of fiscal responsibility? This is politics 101: describe your opponent and draw contrasts.

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