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Re: HillaryCare, Part 2

Romney doesn’t like it either and puts out this copy of delivered remarks:

“Our objectives in health care are to bring down the costs of health insurance for everyone and to get all of our citizens inside the system – to get them all insured. What her plan does is it relies on government. In her plan, we have government insurance instead of private insurance. In her plan, it’s crafted by Washington; it should be crafted by the states. In her plan, we have government Washington managed health care. Instead, we should rely on the private markets to guide health care. And in her plan, you see increased taxes. The burden should not be raised on the American people.

“Fundamentally, I think she takes her inspiration from European bureaucracies, and instead we should take our inspiration from the American people. Hers is a plan which I think underscores the fact that she fundamentally does not believe in markets and in the states. And I believe that our inspiration should come from American families. Washington as opposed to states. It’s government plans as opposed to private plans. It’s raising taxes as opposed to holding taxes level. And that’s not the right course for solving our health care problems.”

Ok, well it isn’t as fun as the Rudy one. Also there are two other problems, one small and one not. It was delivered in front of the Rudy Giuliani Trauma Center. No really. Woops. Second, his opponents will likely use this as an opportunity to revisit criticism of his Commonwealth Care which many libertarians and conservatives say made it politically acceptable to preach government mandates both in the form of requiring individuals to maintain coverage (on penalty of fine )and in the form of government required benefits. Romney will counter that his current plan doesn’t go down this road but it makes it dicey for the author of RomneyCare to criticize a plan with some of the same central features.

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