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Catching Up
Just returned from a kid outing to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing — highly recommend for those interested in money and the making thereof.
Quin, I actually have written more than my share on Huckabee here and here. I tend to come down on the side of CATO, Club for Growth and Charles Murray(whose biting criticism in my NRO piece goes to the heart of the issue) who find his fiscal record and philosophy wanting. Interested if you think their analysis has been accurate. Your concern about criticizing GOP candidates in general (not any specific candidate) was the source of my jibe- I comment and report on all of them for print and online publications and don’t think sheltering any of them is my job.( I do my share of Hillary and Democratic Congressional bashing too.) If you prefer something other than political strategy try my extensive piece on Rudy’ legal career from National Review, the comparison of the top candidates’ economic views here or comb through David and my discussion of health care from last week. You might also enjoy my interview with McCain’s chief economic advisor or the series I have done for Human Events on key advisors to the GOP contenders and the candidates’ views on the courts, economics and foreign policy. If you like a discussion of Fred’s thinking, my discussion of his brief on McCain Feingold makes good reading. I think you’ll see from these and dozens of other pieces this year that the number of Thompson pieces is relatively small. As for my horserace reporting for American Spectator and many other publications, that is part of my repertoire too and happy to provide it as a counterweight to what passes for political coverage of the GOP race by the MSM. And rest assured that as soon as Thompson starts putting out substantive proposals I’ll be writing about them.
David, I rely on Krugman to remind me why we need Larry Kudlow, Heritage, CATO and you. If he comes out of Times Select cocoon, we’ll need you all even more.
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