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Tom Davis Defends Doan (and Rove)

I REALLY meant to write much more extensively on this, and much earlier in the week, and I do intend to return to the subject next week, but for what it’s worth for now, Virginia Republican U.S. Rep. Tom Davis may not be a conservative stalwart, but he is doing great work at defending the embattled GSA Administrator, Lurita Doan, from ridiculous charges that she violated the Hatch Act against electioneering among federal employees. Scott Bloch, head of the Office of Special Counsel, concluded that Doan violated the Hatch Act because, at a briefing for POLITICAL appointees organized by people in the White House political office, she reportedly had the effrontery to ask “How can we help our candidates?” Even if she did (which is in at least some dispute)…Big Whoop. How in the Lord’s name is that question alone a violation of the Act? There was not a single campaign underway at the time. There was NO alleged follow-up by Doan, no pressure of ANY kind, on any employees for them to do any political work or take any political position.

The real goal of the Democrats in going after Doan is to try to get at Karl Rove, who is seen by them as not only an Evil Genius, but a Ubiquitous Evil Genius, guilty of all sorts of violations in every realm of American government. The Democrats have been after White House e-mails, and the Doan inquiry is one of their strategems to get those e-mails.

But Bloch himself has been under fire for various alleged transgressions, and many on the right seem to think his sudden interest in attacking people like Doan is an attempt to suck up to the Dems. Rep. Davis seems to think so. This week, Davis fought back. Now HE wants BLOCH’S e-mails. Davis said that some Bloch e-mails already show (quoting the Washington Times) that he “improperly discussed official business, made inappropriate comments about…Doan and spoke disparagingly about ‘at least two members’ of Congress.”

There’s a lot more to this, which I intend to get to next week. But as I have written a number of times during the past few months, conservatives ought to rally around both Doan and the White House on this matter. Neither one has done anything wrong, and Davis merits praise for coming to their defense.

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