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Re-Post: Gingrich vs. Amnesty

NOTE: I posted this last Friday evening, and said then that I feared the timing was so bad that it would get lost in the shuffle, and promised to re-post it today. SO here it is:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich and our old friend David Bossie of Citizens United have put out a commercial urging the defeat of the immigration bill pending in the Senate. To quote from the press release:

The ad, which features former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and which was produced by Citizens United president David Bossie, will be seen on cable television nationwide beginning Wednesday as part of a significant national ad buy aimed at demonstrating citizen opposition to a bill that would do nothing to secure America’s porous borders and give citizenship to more than 12 million illegal immigrants.

“The new McCain-Kennedy bill is a grave threat to America’s national security and the rule of law. Almost six years after 9/11, Congress is failing to secure America’s borders.  This bill does nothing to distinguish between a terrorist, gang member, or migrant worker crossing our border.  Legalizing millions of illegal workers rewards cheaters and makes our laws irrelevant. The outcome will be disastrous if Congress doesn’t listen to the American people,” said David Bossie.


The ad features Newt Gingrich. The script reads:


“Mohammad Atta and several other 9/11 hijackers were in the United States illegally.”


“Today, more than 5 years since that tragic day, our borders remain open to gangs, drug dealers, and terrorists. But instead of protecting the borders, the new McCain-Kennedy immigration plan will instead put millions of people who are in our country illegally, including potential terrorists and gang members, on a path to US Citizenship. The bill does not even allow convicted criminals to be deported.”


“This is wrong…”


Citizens United is a 500,000 member Washington, D.C. based conservative grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to restoring our government to citizens’ control.  


My (Quin's) comment is this: I have been around politics for three decades, and I cannot think of a single other occasion in that time in which so many people were so upset, so deeply and emotionally upset, about a bill pending before Congress. Gingrich's and Bossie's ad provides more arguments why people should be upset.  Worth thinking about.

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