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Scooter, Southwick and More Bad News

I think it’s time for somebody Omnipotent to step in and repair our troubled world. Civil war in Gaza (which actually ought to still belong to Israel, rather than either of the Palestinian factions). Raging violence in Iraq. Putin feeling his oats. Space station computer on the fritz. Bush still trying to revive a bad immigration bill (rather than trying to actually fix its flaws so that moderates like me can swing in support of it). And now, on a smaller scale but still bad signs for the Republic, we find out that Scooter Libby WILL be sent to jail rather than left free pending appeal. (Frankly, I still disagree with the jury: I think he is innocent; and I think if the jury had been allowed to hear the evidence of how bad Russert’s memory has been in the past, the jury too probably would have found him not guilty–which is, I imagine, one of the various grounds for the appeal Libby will file.) If Bush doesn’t pardon him or commute his sentence before Libby spends a single day in jail, then our president is a gutless wonder. I do NOT believe Bush is a gutless wonder, so I await the commutation.

Second, in yet another travesty of justice perpetrated by the smearmongering Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, it now appears that 5th Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Leslie Southwick lacks the votes even to make it to the Senate floor. He becomes the third consecutive Mississippian, all three of them eminently qualified and of the greatest character and integrity, who is being denied the same seat. What happened today was that the nomination was held over for the THIRD consecutive week–this time at the request of Arlen Specter, not in order to block Southwick, but what Specter himself describes as a longshot effort to find a single Democratic vote to keep the nomination alive. What it boils down to is, if you are from Mississippi and are nominated by a Republican, you will be tarred with being a racist no matter how much evidence exists to the contrary. Meanwhile, there are FOUR vacancies on the Fourth Circuit (thanks in part to Democrats dealing in bad faith and also in large part to the underhanded machinations of RINO Lindsey Graham), and the incredibly qualified Peter Keisler remains in limbo for the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. The White House and Senate Republicans alike have been utterly inept at getting nominees through the Senate, and the Democrats have been so unfair as to be evil. Yes, evil.

Where, oh where, is the hope? Where, oh where, is there any good news? For a conservative, these are depressing days indeed.

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