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Both Fly Off the Handle

Philip, the Vitter endorsement probably will help Giuliani some, it’s true, but in one sense it is a case of like attracting like. Just as stories are becoming rampant about how obnoxiously and outrageously the mayor was known to berate reporters (not that I am a big defender of the media in general, but we’re talking flying way off the handle here), he gets an endorsement from another politician prone to totally freakazoid behavior of the same sort. I once wrote a rather positive notes package about Vitter, only to have him call me up and go absolutely bonkers on me for nearly 10 solid minutes –we’re talking large decibel level here — because the notes mentioned that he already had blanketed the state legislative district for which he was running with high quality glossy flyers handed out door to door.The problem? Vitter was furious that I had used the word “glossy,” because he said I was trying to imply that he was a slick politician without substance. Never mind that nothing else in the notes package hinted at that, nor that anybody had publicly suggested such a thing during the race that was just beginning, not that I even believed that myself. And of course never mind that “glossy” is, obviously a precisely accurate description of a type of photo paper, which is of course the way the word was used. I mean, the Vitter eruption came totally out of left field. But people who know him know that he’s wound about five times more tightly than an old Titleist balata golf ball. That same characteristic in both Giuliani and in McCain make them easy targets for Hillary’s henchmen to exploit in a general election campaign with a media biased in Hillary’s favor. It is a very, very good reason why conservatives should not leap on board too soon for the mayor, even though he does have much to recommend him. This does not mean that conservatives should write him off, not at all, but only that there is no need for any early commitments.

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