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The Only Safe Place Is America

Things here are in a mess. My wife has been ill with a bad flu for weeks. She’s exhausted and rarely leaves her bed. Our housekeeper has been ill and rarely comes in. Her daughter, a genuine superstar of helpfulness, has been extremely ill and confined to hospital. Our messenger tries to help but gets tired and confused quite readily.

Me, too. I am tired of the way this country is being run. I keep seeing the Black Lives Matter people on TV and on the Internet. I totally agree with them. Of course Black Lives Matter. But it’s not the white people who are killing the black people. I see some horrible, sick demonstrators from the Black Lives Matter group stomping on the American flag outside a Trump rally.

What the hell is the point of that? Trump isn’t murdering anyone. America is not murdering those 10,000 young blacks who get shot and killed every year. They are doing it to themselves. Why stomp on the American flag except to ventilate a pitiful anger that, otherwise employed, would be shooting black people on the South Side of Chicago? Plus a desire to be on TV. (That I certainly understand.)

I’m sick of the pitiful truth that Mr. Obama says not one word about this. (Incredibly, he takes “advice” from Al Sharpton on this subject, so one hears.) Neither does Mrs. Clinton and neither does Mr. Sanders. Not a peep. Yet this is the defining issue of American life: the moral and social collapse of life in Black America. No one says a word about it. Everyone’s scared. All of the politicians and the Black Lives Matter ass kissers are too busy snuffling up to the Black Lives Matter Brown Shirts to say a syllable.

This is really bad. An anti-American, anti-intelligence group that has the politicians and the media buffaloed. This is how free societies end.

But this is America and it cannot end without mankind ending. Man is a savage, brutal beast. For decades now, America has kept the beast in check. America has calmed the racist beast that used to live within us. America shines so brightly — unless you count the terrorists and the gang bangers and their apologists.

Now Black Lives Matter are after the most important heroes on the domestic scene, the police. Some call for killing police. The descendants of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee have become the Non-Student Violent Uncoordinated Gangstas. And Mr. Obama says not a word.

So. Last night I watched a documentary about Nazi war criminals who escaped to the Middle East and worked with the Arabs to kill Jews. One of the prime examples was a Nazi commando (not adjudged to be a war criminal) named Otto Skorzeny. He’s the one who rescued Mussolini for the Führer’s amusement. He’s the one who kidnapped the son of the Regent of Hungary in 1944 to keep Hungary in the war — also on Hitler’s orders. He worked with Nasser and with Mrs. Clinton’s dear friend, Yassir Arafat, to kill Jews. (When is it going to come out the Arafat was the single most frequent high ranking guest at the White House under Clinton? What did that tell us? As he was murdering Jews?)

He (Skorzeny) helped organize the murder of Germans who were friendly with occupation U.S. troops after Hitler’s suicide. A bad guy.

He was a hero in the Arab world, working feverishly to kill Jews who wanted a homeland that they turned from a swamp and donkey dung pile to one of the garden spots of the earth. Now the Arabs who try to kill the Jews and demolish Israel are heroes on the American left — ESPECIALLY TO LEFT-WING AMERICAN JEWS!!!!

And all over Europe, from leafy, peaceful Denmark to Arab Brussels to formerly cosmopolitan Turkey to angry beautiful Scotland, Jew hatred thrives.

The only safe place is America, glorious, spectacular America, the only safe place left on this earth for us Jews and for Christians, too. But for how long? How long until Black Lives Matter joins up with the Nusra front? Already, ISIS is recruiting in the black neighborhoods near and in Ferguson.

This garden of Eden, this America, now becoming a front in the war of the mentally sick against the mentally healthy. I lie in my bed and I wonder how long Julie and I will be safe. How long will my son and his wife be safe? How about my granddaughter, age 5? What will her world be like? I shudder to think. But for right now, for tonight, I turn it over to God and pray with sobs of thanks that my ancestors came to America, paradise on earth.

For me. For now. But what about my granddaughter, Coco?

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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