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Ohio Voters, Donald Trump is Lying to You

I’ll have much more on the subject in my American Spectator article tomorrow, but for those of you voting in Ohio (or anywhere else, for that matter) who are being swayed by Donald Trump’s outrageous assaults on free trade and particularly on NAFTA, which he claims destroyed jobs in Ohio, I would like to point you to the data which prove Trump wrong:

At this web site, in less than a minute, you can see the official Ohio data which shows that 1994, the year in which NAFTA was implemented, Ohio had its biggest gain in both absolute and percentage terms in manufacturing employment during the last 25 years. Furthermore, you will see that the number of manufacturing jobs in Ohio did not decline below pre-NAFTA levels until the recession of 2001.

It’s also worth noting that under John Kasich’s leadership, Ohio has had gains in manufacturing employment during every year of his governorship.

In short, everything Donald Trump is saying about Ohio, free trade, and the man who is, despite his flaws, one of the most successful governors in the United States, is a lie. But what else is new?

If Ohio voters are going to decide whether or not to support Kasich, Trump, Cruz or Rubio, they should at least do so with a basic understanding of the positive impact free trade has had on their state.

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