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Forward Into the Election Year

We go into a presidential year, imperiled by our own faults. Could it be our public leaders are afraid of winning, with all the responsibilities that will then fall upon their entitled shoulders? The message we should send them is that we understand the need to take chances, many of which will entail sacrifices — meaning blood and treasure, in all likelihood — if we are to preserve our freedoms, our way of life, our national sovereignty. But the message has an edge: if you cannot lead, don’t run. We’ve experienced that and it doesn’t work.

My brother, L.P. (Phil) Kaplan, has put forth the beginning of a platform which he believes any serious candidate for the presidency ought to consider. It is simple and direct. It commences thus:

I. “Income/Privilege Inequality” & “Racism/Discrimination”

By Day 90 of New Administration:

Passage of “Trading Places and Air Lift To End Poverty, Privilege, and Racism Act” — HUD will be abolished, to be replaced by ALKYS (Air Lift of Kids, Youngsters, and Seniors) Bureau, whole sole purview and authority will be to identify, extract, and place all poor children 0-18 with families/households in the top-10 percentile income-bracket. The top-tenners will have a choice: accept up to three children or incur direct obligation(s) with families/households that do. By redistributing poverty “from the bottom up” in this way, the bottom, along with all of its dysfunctional, impoverishing conditions, will disappear by being pulverized and sprinkled across the people most fit to absorb it. Meanwhile, back in the poor areas, the remaining adults, mothers, fathers, and young folk will be provided one-time 4- to 6-year “education and training” scholarships, and/or an opportunity to join the Army. All welfare, food stamps, housing vouchers, etc., payments will be terminated, if only because HUD will have been shut down and HHS drastically cut back.

Hand it to Phil, this is nothing if not no-nonsense. The gem here consists of hoisting the left upon its own petard, quite apart from making citizens out of sociopaths. Out of ideas, the zombie-left, as Mr. Tyrrell calls them, have of late sought to mix up “racism” — honestly, is this a serious problem in our time and place? — with “inequality,” which is nothing but an attack on free enterprise. Phil Kaplan subverts this attempt at confiscatory tyranny while defending the promise of liberty and equality in a biracial America, and simultaneously strikes a blow for a smaller federal government, a pious promise of the Republican Party which its minions forget as soon as they are in office.

Observe that, ours being still a democratic regime, there are plenty of little variations we can add to this brilliant idea. For instance, those “education and training scholarships” — somewhat reminiscent of the negative income tax proposed by libertarian economists like Milton Friedman years ago — can be combined, for example, with urban homesteading acts that would facilitate home ownership. The platform continues:

II. Education

By Day 90 of New Administration:

Passage of “Free Your Mind and the Spontaneity Will Follow Act” —The Dept. of Education will be abolished, with all powers over and responsibilities for the citizenry’s education to be devolved to the States, Localities, and the Private Sector. The sole role and purview of a newly created Desk will be to bully-pulpit the President’s “All English, All the Time K-8 Curriculum Initiative” (see addendum A), and his “Certification Re-Boot Initiative,” wherein all but the “hard” sciences are de-certified. (The “soft” sciences, from Sociology and Political Science to Behavioral Science, Gender and Race Studies, etc., will no longer be certifiable as “Science.”)

The English teachers in our family can see the point here, but I asked Phil what the hell he, a musician with a considerable following, is thinking when he deprives kids of music education. His answer is that there is no reason not to include music in English. Poetry, song, composition (a form of writing), scales, the works baby, is how he put it.

The key thing here is to emphasize English, which goes a long part of the way toward addressing our immigration problems. Instead of coddling people who do not really like America but know it is a damn sight better than anything else in their lousy experience, we tell them to sink or swim, love it or leave it. As to the contradiction between getting the feds out of education and then telling the states how to run their shows, not to worry, this is one of the reasons we are a free country, able to figure out how to do things as we go along. And meanwhile, another federal boondoggle department is flushed down the drain.

However, nothing is possible without security. He continues:

III. Enemies Without and the Enemy Within

By Day 90 of New Administration:

Passage of War Act — War will be officially and unambiguously declared on “ISIS” and its affiliates. The problem is Islam and this must be stated clearly. To Muslims who want to be Americans, every right; to Islam, no concessions until it wins its own war with itself and the right side comes out on top. The president will assemble, by any means necessary (i.e., by persuasion, bribery, or force) an International Coalition similar to the one George H. W. Bush put together. The Administration’s war strategy will have two sequential components: 1) To physically obliterate all enemy combatants, recapturing and holding all territories now occupied by the Enemy throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa, which will be recognized and officially designated as “Zones of Extreme Corruption And Hazard (ZECAHs —rhymes with Blecha).” 2) ZECAHs will fall under the Coalition’s administrative fiat for 20 years to allow for Peace, Justice, and broom factories to flourish spontaneously and along to time-honored paths to social maturation.

Launch and implementation of President’s “Search and Destroy the Enemy Within” Initiative. There is indeed a specter haunting America, but its name is no longer Communism. Its name is Identity Politics, and threatens to tear apart the fabric of our Nation like no ideology has come close to doing before it. A Blue Ribbon Panel will be created by or before Day 2 of New Administration which will make recommendations for creating and identifying the mission of an updated HUAC. The new HUAC, in coordination with the FBI, will investigate the egregious violations of the First Amendment which are now not only enabled but indeed abetted by many institutions, including colleges and universities, across the country. HUAC will also be responsible for implementing a fearless top-to-bottom review of the current intellectual trends that have become orthodoxy, not only in Government, Media, Corporate Boardrooms, Academia, and schools. The Government, to prepare for the controversy that these inquiries will create, will need to increase its Strategic Tear Gas Reserves by at least 150%, and this budget item will figure prominently in the President’s first State of the Union Address to Congress and the Nation. Once the intellectual rot and corruption of power has been effectively exposed, it will devolve to the States, Localities, and the Private Sector to figure out what to do about it. And whatever they decide to actually do about this mess, they won’t be able to say they weren’t warned.

I doubt we need a new HUAC. We need law enforcement, and we have agencies for that, if we will only let them get on with what they know how to do. It is interesting — in this time and place — to remember that the original HUAC was a creation of liberal New Deal Democrats and was invented to encourage FDR to move against the Ku Klux Klan and the lynch law of the 1930s South. After World War II its mission evolved, along with the probity of some of its members, but as the late, great (and much missed) Herb Romerstein, who worked as a staff member for the Committee for many years, used to say, “Notwithstanding all the mean things said about our work, the only place we didn’t find ’em was under the beds.” Let us not be afraid to say that we need serious surveillance these days, and that includes in the beds, and probably under them as well.

The point, of course, is to go in and go in heavy against a mercilessly enemy who has zero desire for any sort of compromise. We must stop playing patsy to people who want us dead. Republicans go ballistic when they see President Obama kowtowing to tyrants, for example the Saudi Arabs, but did you ever see a man named Bush read those guys the riot act?

We still think a draft Webb movement is a good idea, but the key thing is: clarity, and aim to win.

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