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So, It’s 2016

So, it’s 2016. What a strange year this past year has been. Gangs of black people in Baltimore attacking the police for defending their neighborhoods. The media gets bottles thrown at them and yet they join in attacking the police. The police go to work and to war every day to protect civilization and civilization sneers at them, at least left-wing mainstream media civilization.

I have the horrible feeling that ISIS is not going to be the ones to destroy America. The media are going to do it for them, all in the phony name of fighting racism. ISIS does not need to lift a finger to kill America. Our own college students, many, but not all of them black, are making up ridiculous imaginary racism on campuses that tie themselves in knots to avoid racism. Then they attack the colleges that coddle them and protect them from having to do a day’s work. Then the professors join in out of sheer terror at the sight of angry black students.

These pitiful specimens are attacking institutions (that used to be) of higher learning and screaming obscenities at anyone who even dares to not bow down to them. They are roving gangs of stormtroopers demanding an end to the First Amendment because free speech makes them feel “unsafe.” That’s the real problem: the attack on the Constitution. The universities deserve their fates. To kowtow to the Sturmabteilung of the race thugs is suicide. But for the universities to become petri dishes for brewing up the toxins of dictatorship — that’s scary.

Because of course the real attackers of safety are the Black Lives Matter and their pals. These guys are dangerous. At my glorious law school alma mater they demand an end to free speech. Can you even imagine it? This is where the Civil Rights movement has ended — and I mean really ended: A demand to abolish civil rights in the name of civil rights.

Who would wield control after that? Why Black Lives Matter, of course. And if you can’t trust them.…

This is not just scary. It’s terrifying. I don’t think it’s representative of many people, black or white. But the Bolsheviks and the Nazis started with a few dozen and they screamed and they added the powerful ingredient of violence. This is nightmare stuff.

Meanwhile, 2015 saw Mr. Obama and his goons ram through a “deal” with an outlaw Iran that allows it to develop nuclear weapons but not immediately. Even as the ink was not dry on that, Iran violated a key “agreement” to keep it from advancing its ballistic missile program. No response from Mr. Obama except to play more golf in Hawaii.

If he were actually on the payroll of Iran, it would be treason but understandable. But he does it out of some kind of wild, subterranean rage against America and Israel that is simply beyond comprehension. I could see it if he had ever suffered from racism. But he never did, except, I guess, in his head. And he’s way too stupid to know that he has lived a life of total privilege aside from his absent parents.

Hey, I guess that’s it. How could he be anything but furious when both his parents abandoned him? And now he takes it out on America.

Oh, and on Israel, too, of course. Israel will be the people to die when Iran gets the nukes. Obama has to know he’s preparing the groundwork for another Holocaust. No one could be too stupid to ignore that. But he’s doing it and the Democrat party — supported largely by Jews — is right behind him.

What a crazy bunch these are. And hateful.

By the way, here’s a little insight-filled fact: there is a lot of fighting among ISIS, the Syrian Army, and other factions in the Golan Heights controlled by Israel. Did you know that when these guys get seriously wounded, their comrades take them and dump them at Israeli border guard stations because the Arabs know the Israelis will give the wounded top notch medical care. That tells you all you need to know about the rights and wrongs of the Arab/Israeli conflict.

And yet Obama and his aides and Kerry and his aides put Israel’s entire future in doubt because of some strange deep hatreds within Obama’s breast. Maybe it’s just old fashioned anti-Semitism such as now wells up — again and always — in Europe. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

Well, I cannot stop them. So, I will just pray that Israel has an ace up its sleeve and that the Black Lives Matter people turn to drugs.

Anyway, it’s been a strange year for Bill Cosby. Does anyone remember that his son was randomly murdered by a stranger some years ago? Does he deserve sympathy for that? Yes, a lot of sympathy in my book. Does anyone think it’s odd that the complainant in the one criminal case against him took a year to go to the police? Or that the original prosecutor declined to file charges?

Or that he was drugging all of these women without their realizing it? I know a lot about drugs (too much) and I cannot imagine what kind of drug it could have been. All of the psychoactive pills that I know of are bitter. The casual guest would surely notice the taste.… But they drank it anyway? And were paralyzed by it? I have taken a lot of drugs and I don’t recall ever feeling paralyzed by them.

Obviously, if he did it, he’s a criminal. But it sure looks odd that it took so long for him to be indicted. And speaking of rape, Stockholm has become the rape capital of Europe. Why? Because Sweden takes in virtually unlimited Arabs and they do not have that much respect for women, to put it very mildly. Why isn’t this a big story in this country when we are considering taking in hundreds of thousands of Arab immigrants? Does it not merit at least some mention? By the way, the same thing is happening in the United Kingdom in a huge way with the gang rape of little girls by Arab immigrants. Isn’t this a story worth some attention? I guess in the world of PC, nothing matters but the untruth. The Untruth Shall Set You Unfree.

And meanwhile, Jared Fogle. What a sad story. Much better for him to have kept eating those fatty foods.

Well… it’s been a nice time here in Rancho Mirage over Christmas and New Year’s. I swim in my pool, surrounded by Christmas lights. [[{“type”:”media”,”view_mode”:”media_large”,”fid”:”99073″,”attributes”:{“alt”:””,”class”:”media-image”,”height”:”480″,”typeof”:”foaf:Image”,”width”:”270″}}]] I watch the planes fly over. I go to my 12 step meetings. I eat tasty meals at our tiny little club with my wife and our guests, the Vissers. Far better than I deserve.

God bless the soldiers on patrol. God bless their families. God bless all who protect and serve in the law enforcement world. And their families.

And thank you, Dear God, for letting me live in America, God’s gift, with my wife, God’s gift, and for sweet son and his wife and daughter and my dogs, Julie and Jojo, and my sister, and God bless Richard Nixon, the Peacemaker.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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