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Lessons of San Bernardino

Last week while families across the nation were cheerfully hanging stockings and lighting festive candles, two malefactors — well, one male factor and one female — in San Bernardino were putting the finishing touches on their pipe bombs, radio controlled detonators, and armaments. They may have been just as cheerful. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik’s furtive actions would culminate in devastating mass slaughter, signaling a new low in ideologically inspired Islamist terror.

Despite the media’s comprehensive efforts to distort the facts, the truth which was obvious to us all along is now proven: this was a premeditated terrorist attack.

As detailed reports continue to be revealed, even our desensitized public is shocked by what the San Bernardino police called “unspeakable carnage,” the slaughter by a county employee of fourteen unarmed co-workers and the wounding of many others.

Among those killed was Bennetta Betbadal, age 46. She had fled to America with her family to escape the fundamentalist Islam and persecution of Christians that followed the Iranian Revolution (the same terrorist-sponsoring regime that President Obama recently enriched with $150 Billion as part of his nuclear appeasement plan). She left a nation overtaken by one version of radical Islam only to die in a free country at the hands of another.

The American people want answers, but getting them might be difficult. How could this happen? What is being done to stop it?

There are valuable lessons to learn from this incident. A serious self-examination may be in order.

First, the heroes of the day were our local law enforcement. They were responsive and effective. They are brave, well trained, and invested in the community, not distant and unaccountable like so much of our national government.

We saw in the immediate aftermath that our political leaders and media experts are hopelessly lost. They are incapable of addressing a threat which they barely recognize and do not understand at all.

We learn that the political left is dangerous to our way of life, complicit in furnishing cultural conditions that make domestic terrorists harder to spot. As a result their slayings are more likely to be devastating.

We know also that the leftist narrative promotes efforts to capitalize on every situation, turning tragedy into an opportunity to strike even deeper at the heart of our American values. They want to evade the real issue while moving the conversation from values to inanimate objects… it’s about guns again.

In the background, the foreign policy arrogantly of this administration has brought total disorder throughout the Middle East. The spreading of disarray under President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is well documented… but the American people voted for this group, not once, but twice.

We need to realize that terrorists are acting in accord with beliefs too primal to be understood by the highly educated materialist secular mind. Our elites are stage one thinkers. Shocked, disbelieving, and always in denial…

People don’t give their lives for ideas they believe in, that’s just crazy…it’s about income inequality, access to guns, oppressive subconscious micro aggressions, and the influence of global warming.

The ease with which a hopelessly flawed federal government visa entry system allowed a black-widow terrorist bride into the country is scandalous. This is an obvious likelihood to anyone tasked with gaming out security strategy.

But this also becomes a blind spot for a nation hypersensitive about “profiling.” As a result almost no one is willing to believe the extent to which we are already compromised… the hour is growing late to change course.

Is a government that reassures us that the vetting process is “thorough, detailed, and intense” for tens of thousands of black box refugees to be trusted? This is the same government that mailed hijackers their driver’s licenses weeks after 9-11.

The arrogance of power is on full display… They are the experts, we are not. If we outsource our security to government’s empty promises, if we turn a blind eye to what’s behind radicalization, if we allow a culture of political correctness to corrode our common culture, they have won and we have lost.

There are better days ahead for America, but they require us to remain vigilant and do the hard work of confronting terrorism as a threat while opposing the deconstructionist ideals of domestic leftist political movements. We must hold our leadership accountable, and take the enemies of liberty to task everywhere.

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