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A Tough Act to Swallow

In the course of the super lie-a-thon that was the Senate testimony of Wendy Sherman, the cry baby former community organizer who was the lead negotiator with the Iranians over nuclear arms, and that of her junior partner, Adam Szubin, the mysterious Orthodox Jew turned advocate for Iran, several super lies came out, as they had to.

One of the worst was about how long it would take Iran to get back to its nuclear arms production schedule if the U.S. bombed Iran’s facilities. “A few months,” was the basic answer. After all, said these two witnesses, the knowledge was already in the heads of the Iranians. “You can’t bomb that away,” said the testificants, or words to that effect.

But how can that be true? Doesn’t that depend on the scope and scale of the bombing? If we used bunker busters or even atom bombs against the facilities, and if we kept on using them until the Iranians didn’t have a day without bombing of their facilities, wouldn’t that delay the production of the weapons by more or less forever?

After all, every grad school physicist knows the rudiments of making a nuclear device. It takes a hell of a lot of infrastructure and materials to actually make one. Those things can be bombed. The power of the U.S. Air Force and the IDF is enough to stop nuclear bomb production for a very long time in the Islamic Republic.

So, that was a flat lie, as were Ms. Sherman’s comments about how powerful and prompt inspections would be, and how much leverage the largest economy in the world, the USA, would have if we kept on sanctions while Italy took them off.

But towards the end of the Sherman/Szubin testimony, Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama asked each witness a question: “Do you trust Iran?”

Both Ms. Sherman and Mr. Szubin said quite curtly that they did not.

So here is where we find ourselves:

Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry and Ms. Sherman and Mr. Szubin have negotiated a ‘deal’ with a country which swears it will destroy Israel the first chance it has, and the U.S. after that. Under that ‘deal,’ there is no meaningful inspection. We have taken the option of military force off the table. The U.S. will not commit to resuming sanctions no matter what Iran does. So, we have negotiated a ‘deal’ that basically requires trust that one of the most murderous regimes in the world, until recently the State Department’s world’s leading sponsor of state terrorism, will not go the other 2% of the way down the road towards making atomic weapons to destroy its most hated enemy, Israel, and then its second most hated enemy, America.

But even the Obama negotiators admit they cannot and do not trust Iran. So we have abandoned Israel and the world to the high probability that Iran will kill millions of Jews very soon and tens of millions of Americans soon thereafter. And remember, this is not the USSR we are dealing with where the commissars wanted to stay alive. This is an Islamic Republic where the leaders do not fear incineration from a cruise missile launched from an Israeli submarine. The Iranian leaders say they welcome “martyrdom.”

So, there is nothing material or spiritual that will stop them from their goal of “a holocaust in an afternoon…”.

It won’t be tomorrow. But it could be a year from now. It could very, very easily be eleven years from now, when Iran will have every kind of rocket, thanks to a last minute giveaway from Ms. Sherman and Secretary Kerry that even the Iranians did not expect to get. Those rockets can hit Tel Aviv in minutes and Baltimore not long after that.

So, Israel faces annihilation, and soon. This glorious nation, the only law abiding free country in the Middle East, this shining city built upon the ashes of European Jewry, the bravest nation that ever was, our only soul mate in the Middle East, faces annihilation from the Iranians, with whom we have almost nothing in common.

The spectacular USA, the summit of man’s aspirations, faces nuclear devastation from a country that apparently was helpful to Osama bin Laden in the 9/11 attacks.

But why? Why do we have to face these risks? These certainties? Because, says Mr. Obama, it is either his surrender to Iran, or war.

That may be true. But in some situations, war is preferable to peace. After Pearl Harbor, the USA could have told Japan, “Very well. We don’t want war. You can have our scrap metal and our oil, and have fun raping the Chinese.” We didn’t. We went to war.

After Hitler invaded Poland, Britain could have said, “This is a conflict between faraway nations of which we know little,” which was actually a line from Chamberlain about Czechoslovakia and Germany. But Churchill realized the whole future of free men was at stake and so he went to war.

Something immense is at stake in the Iranian giveaway because nuclear weapons are involved. The survival of Israel. The survival of the USA. The survival of a world in which freedom is a daily gift. The survival of human decency.

If it takes bombing Iran to accomplish these goals, it’s worth doing. And doing extremely thoroughly. My wife, a distinguished lawyer and negotiator, who is ten thousand times the patriot that Wendy Sherman is, put it well. “Why is Obama forcing this deal down the world’s throats when every sensible argument is against it? When every serious member of the foreign policy establishment is against it? Because he’s a traitor.”

It is not too late to stop this deal, and it is not too late for a better President to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities into more peaceful scenes. But as Martin Luther King, Jr. said in a long ago world, “The hour is late. The clock of destiny is ticking out. The time to act is now.” Yes, we have a bad man at the helm, but there have been mutinies to save the ship.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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