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Wendy Sherman in the Tank

My mother, God rest her soul, went with my father to Red China in the mid 1970s, before the capitalist Revolution there. Mom and Pop were taken around the country by Communist Party cadres who lectured them about how great Communism was. Of course, this was after Mao had murdered about 80 million Chinese civilians.

My mother, an extremely astute observer politically, and a fervent anti-communist, wrote to me a letter noting that the look on the faces of the Chinese Red women cadres was extremely similar to the looks on the faces of the leftist women at Columbia in the 1930s and in Silver Spring in the 1940s and 1950s.

Since then, I have noticed that I can always, and I mean ALWAYS, tell a woman’s political orientation by her facial features, expression, hair, jewelry (always silver), and clothing.

I point this out because last night I watched C-SPAN and saw a woman named Wendy Sherman testify before a Senate committee about the Iran sellout. This woman, aged roughly fifty something, maybe a bit older, was cut from the cookie cutter mold of wealthy Jewish leftists, thought I as I watched. She looked like the identical twin of an extremely leftist close friend of my wife here in Beverly Hills.

I looked her up, and sure enough, she was a big time leftist, big time anti-life, big time community organizer, close pal of Hillary Clinton and Barry Obama, with long experience fighting for the “right” of women to murder their children. From a rich Jewish family.

Of course, she defended the sellout to Iran. She lied about every single detail, including about the notorious fraud of “inspections anytime, anywhere” and the secret protocols with the IAEA which supersede anything in the agreement with the USA. She was a pitiful, weak liar, though, and started to cry at one point when a Republican questioned her closely.

I had the horrifying thoughts go through my head: This is who we had negotiating for us in Austria? An American Princess named “Wendy” who cries when she is confronted? Who is acting explicitly as an advocate for the Iranians? Who is the Edward Bennett Williams of the Mullahs? That’s the best we can do to negotiate a deal (which the Iranians have already said they will break anyway) on which the life and death of Wendy’s people, the Jews of Israel, depends? This is just plain pitiful. Heart breaking.

Today, I felt ill most of the day. My wife has been extremely ill for days and maybe I have caught it. But I went all over town to fetch things for my wife, especially various kids of milkshakes. That’s all she’ll eat when she’s sick.

As I was coming back from a store called Millions of Milkshakes, I took a short cut through a Chase bank. I stopped to cash a check. An attractive blond woman stood near me and asked the teller if he would let her pay her bill in Serbian money.

I asked her if she were kidding. She said she wasn’t, that her father was just back from Serbia and she had dinars she wanted to use. I offered to lend her money for a taxi.

In the meanwhile, a homeless man came in and overheard the conversation.

“Serbia,” he said. “That’s where World War II began. The people there are all Nazis.”

“No, it was World War I and the Serbs were mostly anti-Nazis. The Croatians were close to the Nazis.”

“Well, then Communists,” he said. He glowered at the girl. “Is your father a Communist?” he asked.

“That was a long time ago,” I said.

“No. Once a Commie always a Commie,” he retorted, with some truth. “They killed the Archbishop of somewhere and that started the war.”

“No, the Archduke,” I said.

“Well, whatever, some big Arch something and now they’re all Communists.”

As I walked out of the bank with the young woman, I said to her, “This town, this whole town, is one big outdoor mental hospital.”

She agreed.

Okay. Topic A. The GOP debates. Fox should have kicked Trump’s pompous ass right off the stage as soon as he would not pledge to support the party and the candidate. Once he said he would consider running as a third party candidate, he proved what everyone is saying, that he’s just a hireling for the Clintons, just signed on to make trouble and get publicity.

Then, later he bragged about putting some of his companies into bankruptcy. Just so you know, he didn’t just do that because he lost his job. He didn’t just declare BK because Atlantic City was in trouble.  

He went to great lengths to snooker his own stockholders, to whom he had a fiduciary obligation, and to be a deadbeat to his lenders, to whom he owed a contractual obligation. (I wrote about it in Barron’s in 1989.) This was fine, he said, because it made his family rich.

What a loathsome man. To even consider him as a President is deeply disturbing.

Everyone else was great. I especially like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee. Outspoken. Sensible. Fine men. Serious about standing up to the Russians and the terrorists.

The problem is that none of them has a solution. None has a plan. None will come out for higher taxes to pay for an adequate defense. The GOP has been hijacked by the tax cutters and it’s killing the national defense as the sequester bites ever deeper into the muscle and bone of the military.

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan,” says Warren Buffett. And we in the GOP have no plans at all. Mr. Obama has plans for national suicide. We have words, but no plans, for national salvation.

No one said a word, not one single word, about the catastrophe in the black world. The black male kids are largely illiterate, almost totally unable to use math, for the most part unprepared for modern life, addicted to drugs and crime. They are our brothers and fellow Americans, and our politicians — especially Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton — whip them up to anger, but do nothing to prepare them for real life. Something has got to give or we are heading for anarchy.

Oh, by the way, this afternoon we had the lower-ranked GOP candidates debate, and they were great. Especially Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum. But they also said not a peep about raising taxes and not a peep about raising the lives of our black men from misery to prosperity. Is it possible there is nothing to be done? No, because blacks were making real progress until the mid 1960s. Then the attitudes of entitlement, blaming whitey, drugs, and a culture of irresponsibility set in. Mr. Obama could have done something about it. He didn’t. They say he plans to be the first billionaire ex-President.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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