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Odd LA Times Claim: Americans Love Obamacare

LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik argued last week that “The truth is, Americans love Obamacare.”

By way of evidence, he cites polling that people like certain “benefits” of Obamacare, most of which involve redistribution of wealth to pay for your health care, but which also include the employer mandate and banning exclusion for pre-existing conditions (actually those are also both forms of redistribution of wealth.)

But Hiltzik, in his naive liberal hopefulness that Dear Leader’s “signature” legislation won’t doom Progressive policy for a generation, misses the much bigger point: Liberals think that people really believe things are free. And some people actually do, when government finds a way to mask the price. But despite their best efforts, there will be real, high, visible costs in terms of actual price for health insurance, but also availability of doctors, appointments, and even full-time jobs.

And in further liberal hubris, Hiltzik suggests that people don’t like Obamacare because of brilliant Republican messaging against the law, implying both that Americans are idiots and that Republicans are great marketers. The former is questionable; the latter is laughable.

Hiltzik may feel good mentioning certain provisions of Obamcare that people like, but none of it will matter once the law’s terrible impacts on prices, choices, and availability of health care become clearer. Everything has a price, and none of Obamacare’s so-called benefits is worth its cost.

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