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Recap From the Tweet-Up with George Washington Plunkitt

George Washington Plunkitt, our sarcastic and satirical statesman, took to the Twitter stage today at 2 pm to jargogle and caterwaul with the American public.

Dr. Plunkitt (@GeorgeWPlunkitt) is a prize-winning American politician, news media editor, satirist, political help columnist, and full-time ghost. He served in both houses of the New York State Legislature from 1869-1904. George graciously consented to advise Americans in these times of trouble.

Here is a summary of what transpired:
First, some shameless self-promotion!

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
Join me at 2pm for a new-age fireside chat. FDR would not be proud. #DearGeorge

Kyle Peterson ‪@kyleopeterson
The only thing better than a Tweet-Up with @GeorgeWPlunkitt is a Tweet-Up with @GeorgeWPlunkitt AND a HotPocket. #blessed #DearGeorge

Then the questions from concerned citizens rolled in!

Patricia Weber ‪@patweber
@AmSpec A question to ask #DearGeorge, “Ethics in Washington DC; was it ever there? Will it ever return?

 George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
@patweber As the wise profiteer Sir Francis Drake once said, “Mo’ doubloons, mo’ problems.” The same goes for DC. #DearGeorge

Matt Naham ‪@M__aham
@AmSpec @GeorgeWPlunkitt Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed intern that I am, any suggestions on Metro etiquette? I’m a bit of a noob #DearGeorge

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
@M__aham @AmSpec Be neither boorish nor prudish. Strike the golden mean. #DearGeorge

Elizabeth ‪@elizabethamy213
#amspec Do you see the rise in career politicians as problematic? What does it mean for our country’s future? #DearGeorge

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
George Washington Plunkitt: Would you rather they have real jobs? Want John McCain as your waiter or Nancy Pelosi as your barista? #DearGeorge

Lovely Sun ‪@Sunnie57
@AmSpec #DearGeorge Why aren’t politicians talking more about getting rid of HHS mandate against religious freedom? Don’t they care?

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
@Sunnie57 @AmSpec Madam, the gov’t believes the problem with the conscientious objector is that she is conscious. #DearGeorge

At 2:17pm, Twitter temporarily suspended @GeorgeWPlunkitt’s account, much to the dismay of his friends, fans, and butler.


George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
I apologize for the delay. This account was temporarily banned for excessive jocularity. But we’re back! #DearGeorge

Even some famous faces phoned in to ask #DearGeorge a question!

American Spectator ‪@AmSpec
@GeorgeWPlunkitt #DearGeorge How can we ease criticism of HealthCare.Gov? You can register by mail or our 800 number! -K. Sebelius

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
@AmSpec By *mail,* Mme. Secretary? What is this, 1817? Do u also accept enrollments by pony express, smoke signal, & semaphore? #DearGeorge

American Spectator ‪@AmSpec
@GeorgeWPlunkitt #DearGeorge I’m no longer safe in Moscow. Where should I hide?- Edward Snowden

George W. Plunkitt ‪@GeorgeWPlunkitt
@AmSpec Ed, seems to me Siberia is the best choice. Stay in character: snowed in. #DearGeorge

Want to see the whole conversation? Search #DearGeorge on Twitter.

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