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Impeachment Talk is a Mistake

While driving to work this morning, I heard an ad (on Fox News’ Sirius Satellite channel — not sure if the same ad was running on Fox News television) from the Conservative Majority Fund urging people to sign a petition supporting the impeachment of Barack Obama.

A quick look at their web site shows that they’re still angry about Obama’s “forged birth certificate.”

Personally, I think it’s most likely that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, though it wouldn’t completely shock me if that were not true or, more probably, that he applied to schools and perhaps got financial aid, as a foreign student. Politically, all of this stuff is a huge loser for Republicans and should be studiously avoided by any group which really aims to create a “conservative majority” in Congress.

The same must be said of talk of impeachment.

First of all, unless Barack Obama actually ordered the IRS targeting of Americans, which is extremely unlikely, he is guilty of many things including incompetence, a lack of understanding or appreciation of the nation he leads, a lack of leadership, etc. But none of this is a “high crime” or otherwise impeachable offense.

Indeed, even if he personally ordered that no help be sent to Benghazi, again unlikely, that would not strike me as impeachable.

Few sane Americans would see discussion of impeachment as anything but hyperventilating hyper-partisanship.

Furthermore, many Americans remenber the impeachment of Bill Clinton. He may or may not have deserved it, though I’d argue that he was a much better president than Barack Obama. But it was a political disaster for Republicans.

So sane Americans would wonder about the sanity of Republicans who want to go down that same path, against a president whose personal popularity remains stubbornly high.

Americans basically hate Congress. That will not begin to improve until they see its members as working on behalf of the people rather than the political parties or their own power.

The current raft of “scandals” surrounding the Obama administration shines a perfect spotlight not just on the incompetence of the current administration but on the inherent risks in gigantic government. Behind the light on government failure is the pall cast on those politicians, namely Democrats, who support ever-larger government with the specific example of Obamacare and its pending enforcement by the IRS.

In order to create a conservative majority, Republicans and conservatives, and others (like me) who are neither Republican nor conservative but would much prefer a conservative majority to what we have now, must continually remind Americans that current events are a natural symptom of big government, and that they’re just the beginning of the abuses we will see if Democrats’ government-uber-alles vision for America takes even greater hold than it has so far.

Impeachment talk is an unnecessary, and frankly idiotic, distraction from what must really be done to try to regain Republican control of the US Senate. It makes Obama’s opponents look unserious and allows the media to use the silliness of groups like the Conservative Majority fund to paint all of us with a broad, unflattering brush.

Even for the most anti-Obama partisan, I urge you to avoid, and publicly oppose, discussion of impeachment. Once you support it, those moderate/independent Americans whom we most need to influence will no longer listen to anything you have to say.

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