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Double-Edged Sword of Blue States Sinking

While I mostly agree with Betsy McCaughey’s article about “Blue States Sinking,” my experience here in Colorado might offer a cautionary note:

Californians are leaving their failing state like lemmings, after having repeatedly voted for the Democrats who are destroying it. They are coming here and voting for Democrats who now have full control of the state legislature, and the governorship. They just enacted aggressive (and damaging to law-abiding citizens but not to criminals) anti-gun laws. They just barely decided not to try to repeal the death penalty because the Democrat governor who has always portrayed himself as a moderate realized it was too much after the huge public outcry against the gun stuff, which was organized by Michael Bloomberg. (I actually met Bloomberg’s lobbyist in the state capitol building in Denver.)

So the question is whether the emigration of people from blue states to red states can happen without at least some of those red states turning purple/blue as has happened to the once-great state of Colorado.

Democrats are surely thinking this way, as represented by the “tweet” from the heinous Debbie Wasserman talking about turning Texas blue…

The moves of liberals to conservative states (and I do think that’s happening as much as conservatives are leaving those states) is certainly good for GOP presidential hopes in the short-term since most states are winner-take-all for the electoral college. But if state legislatures and congressional districts start shifting toward liberals in what we now think of as red states, it won’t be long until the entire country is being eaten by a liberal metastasis.

I admire Betsy’s optimism, but only share a small degree of it since it seems to me that she assumes those who flee Democrat-caused destruction are smart enough not to vote Democrat again in their new home states. If there’s one thing we know about Democrats, about what Hayek termed the “fatal conceit” of the left, it is that they never learn from history.

Sadly, Colorado seems to be just such an object lesson.

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