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Radio Purp, Sunday Midday

Those of you who participate in the lively discussion in the comments sections of these pages know that there are several brave, or at least tireless, liberals (often called trolls by the non-liberals) who make their arguments in the face of withering criticism, logic and evidence.

One of my favorites goes by the user name Purp. He (and I’m pretty sure he’s a male) stands his ground with great endurance.

But what I like most about Purp is that his arguments are straight out of the most trite Progressive talking points, demonstrating a truly remarkable lack of understanding of the way the world really works or of the nature of government and the fundamental relationships between government and people.

In my most recent column, regarding the Ryan budget’s assumption of the repeal of Obamacare, Purp has offered at least half a dozen comments which are so fantastically, perfectly representative of what I would expect someone to think who had either never studied economics, or had studied it with a mediocre left-leaning professor who used the course as propaganda rather than education, that I have decided to devote an entire hour of my radio show tomorrow debunking stupid liberal arguments, quoting Purp directly.

Here’s an example of Purp’s wisdom: “While I believe in the Free Market, I don’t for necessities, with healthcare being one of these necessities.” Or this: “Hard work does not always lead to riches and that’s why it’s fair to ask those that have succeeded to pay a bit more.”

If you’d like to listen in, I’ll be on the air on Sunday from 11 AM to 1:30 PM Moutain Time (1 PM to 3:30 PM Eastern, and an hour earlier than that Central.) You can listen in at or on a smartphone through the iHeartRadio app and finding station 850 KOA.

If you want to join the conversation, the studio line is 303.713.8585

I would be particularly happy if Purp called in. If he does, I promise to be utterly polite and have a real discussion…as I always am and always try to do whether callers agree or disagree with me.

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