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September SGO

The S%$t goin’ on for September starts where we left off last week. A friend from across the Pond was on the telephone Friday reminding me of an event that was held at the Brit embassy here in Washington soon before he was transferred back to Merry Old. The party was to honor Gen. Wesley Clark’s honorary knighthood. It was a big bash, and those in attendance were thoroughly immersed in fine champagne. As were the General and his guests.

Gen. Clark was invited to bring up to thirty personal guests, and he did. Madeleine the Short, warrior princess and Clark friend, was there along with other ranking Clintonoids. But among Clark’s friends, there was not a single American soldier, sailor, airman or marine. Neither officer nor enlisted man could be counted as a friend of Clark. “A very rum situation” as my friend put it. Rum indeed. It speaks ill of General Clark in a way nothing else could.

Clark is not quite ready for prime time. He was inarticulate in his appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews. On Thursday, he said that he probably would have voted for the Iraq war resolution had he been in Congress last fall. By Friday, he had recovered his antiwar stance, saying, “Let’s make one thing real clear, I would never have voted for this war.” We knew that, General. And we expected the backpedaling. No one who has associated with the Clintons as long as you have will be expected to do anything other than what the focus groups tell you to. Though General Clark is a ranking member of Team Clinton, he’s no coward. And that certainly sets him apart from much of academia.

It’s not only that we have too many lawyers, we have too many law schools as well. And their principal product is liberalism of the most cowardly sort. In one fit of self-righteousness dating back to Vietnam, Hahvahd, Yale, Columbia and many others threw ROTC and military recruiters off campus. The military is controversial, ‘ya know. A bunch of baby killers and war mongers. But those same colleges still sucked in tens of millions of dollars in Fed grant money every year.

Back in 1995, while the military was in the Clinton Dark Ages, one shining light was Rep. Gerald Solomon of New York. Solomon saw the absurdity of that situation, and the resulting “Solomon amendment” is indeed Solomonic. It says that you can’t get all those Yankee dollars if the guys can’t walk among the ivy-covered professors to recruit or run ROTC programs on campus. Now, “at least five” anonymous colleges (suing under the name of “Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights”) and SALT — the Society of American Law Teachers — are suing to have the Solomon amendment declared unconstitutional. Academic freedom, to them, means freedom from exposure to concepts such as duty, honor and country.

Just who are these colleges who sue in the shadows, afraid to be named in court papers? The lawsuit that dare not speak its name needs to be public information. In thirty years of practicing law, I’ve only seen a court keep a party’s name secret when there is an awfully compelling reason. There is none here. We need to know who these Chicken Colleges are, and name names loudly. They shouldn’t just suffer from a loss of federal grant money. Every single alumnus (or ‘na) should cut off their contributions to those schools. Take your money and give it to a charity more worthy and honest. My suggestion, as always, is the Special Operations Warrior Foundation — — which provides college money for children of spec ops troops killed in the line of duty. I’m waiting for someone to let me know who those colleges are. When I learn, so will you.

Saturday brought the report that an Army captain, one Yousef Yee (formerly James Yee), a West Point grad who converted to Islam and became a chaplain, was arrested for aiding the enemy, sedition and espionage. Yee, according to the Washington Times, had left the army, moved to Syria, where he apparently became enamored of fundamentalist Islam. He returned to the army and was serving as an Islamic chaplain for the terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he may have betrayed his country. When arrested, according to one report, Yee was carrying lists of detainees names, as well as names of their interrogators and sketches of the Camp Delta facilities, where most of the hard-core terrorists are being held. The religious fervor of the radical Islamist overcomes any other sense of duty or humanity its adherents otherwise may have. Are there any others who were in our military, became radical Islamists abroad, and came back to rejoin our military? We’d better find out, and take a real hard look at those folks. In every aspect of this war, we have to work harder than our enemies do. Much harder.

Which is apparently not in Rainbow Tom Ridge’s modus operandi. It is fortuitous that the acronym for the Department of Homeland Security is the perfectly Simpsonian “D’OHs.” What could Rainbow Tom and his crew say after keeping silent while Gray Davis legitimized illegal aliens in California? How about “D’oh.” The D’OHs aren’t up to taking on anything that has any political baggage attached. Davis just signed a bill authorizing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Am I paranoid, or isn’t it kind of a bad idea when terrorists may be among them? Giving people driver’s licenses enables them to board airplanes, among other things. So where was Rainbow Tom when all this was going on? I’d like to know, because he obviously wasn’t doing his job, speaking out in the strongest terms against this law, asking Davis to not sign it.

Is anyone who doesn’t work for the State Department surprised that the U.N. is frenching around again? While our latest request for U.N. action languishes in New York, the main weasels met again, this time inviting Tony Blair as their guest foil. At the Saturday meeting between Britain, France and Germany (billed, of course, as a reunification meeting of the EU powers) Monsewer Chirac demanded that Iraq’s governance be turned over immediately to the Iraqi governing council. Our most recent round of “diplomacy” at the U.N. is the usual waste of time. The French are our enemies, not our friends, and as long as they sit on the U.N. Security Council, the U.N. will never do anything to help us fight terrorism. Chirac thinks it’s more important to tether us to the U.N. than it is to beat Hamas, Hezbollah, and the rest. The U.N. is a farce, which costs us time, money and lives. We shouldn’t waste another dime or another minute on it.

The news is better in Groom Lake, Nevada. The President renewed an exemption from environmental laws for a particular section of a certain Air Force base, thwarting the lawyers trying to pry the lid off the place that the late Ben Rich called “Paradise Ranch.” Ben, chief of the Lockheed Skunk Works, lured many a scientist and pilot to the place using that description. They loved him for it, but their wives didn’t. Which is one of the reasons he was known around the Skunk Works as “FBR.” And, as he told me many times, the “F” wasn’t for “friendly.”

Families aren’t happy at Paradise Ranch, because there’s not much for them to do there, and it’s a long way from anywhere. For the scientists, engineers and pilots, the work is hard, and there’s nothing you do during the day that you can tell anyone outside the closed circle of professionals. But there’s one fact that drives many of the best to spend their careers at Paradise Ranch: you can do a lot of stuff there you can’t do anywhere else. And there’s always a lot of SGO at the place otherwise known as Area 51.

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