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Here’s a quote from a recent letter to the editor in the Quad City Times on Rush Limbaugh’s addiction to the pain-killer OxyContin: “I was treated with the same drug as Mr. Limbaugh. The drug was also quite constipating. My assumption is that this must have contributed to Mr. Limbaugh’s ‘on air’ personality.”

Although I was initially indignant, I eventually dismissed it. After all, there is plenty to criticize Rush about over this matter. He is a moral leader in America who has on occasion sharply criticized drug users. His inability to treat his illness is, arguably, a moral failing. In the greater scheme of things, one inappropriate joke is hardly the end of the world.

That was until I ventured into the left-wing portion of the blogosphere. There I was treated to the most angry, cowardly, and vile hate-fest since Fred Phelps protested Matthew Sheppard’s funeral service. In what can be dubbed the “Hate Rush Mob,” many left-wing bloggers have gotten out the mental knives, clubs, guns, and whatever else they can pack into their craniums (Lord knows it must be a very tight squeeze) and pointed them El Rushbo’s way. For example, here is comedian Margaret Cho:

I cannot stop picturing Rush as one of the Trainspotting crew, or selling his a** for a hit. He would have to suck so much d**k to satisfy that jones, because apparently he was taking the pills by the handful, scoring thousands at a time.

And to think she was trying to feel sorry for Rush! But Ms. Cho is actually pretty tame. Consider this mean-spirited parody (link courtesy Atrios) in which Rush moves around a Pac-Man maze eating pills, and the “power pellets” are large pills with “O C” on them. The “Ghosts” are bug-eyed Donovan McNabbs.

If you’ve had enough of the Hate Rush Mob’s “sense of humor,” then they have some good-old-fashioned nastiness for you. Here’s blogger Steve Gilliard in a post titled “Sympathy for the Devil”:

Some foolish people may have some sympathy for the racist pig drug fiend Limbaugh, and I can understand that emotion. We all want to be decent, human beings, and not stick a shiv in the formerly bloated hillbilly heroin junkie, but that sympathy is misplaced…

It must suck to be addicted to OxyContin. I feel so bad for him……

NOT. F**k his fat, drug addicted, racist a**. Freaking hypocrite junkie, sucking down Hillbilly Heroin like it was candy.

And here is blogger “TBogg“:

Because it takes a village to detox a dittohead, here is how you too can help Rush to once again see a brighter day when the walls aren’t crawling with Hillary-headed nematodes and he doesn’t wake up each morning in a pool of Marta’s vomit….

Sounding confident and strong, Limbaugh said he’d received more than 25,000 supportive e-mails since he was hit with twin controversies over his comments to ESPN and allegations from a former housekeeper that she obtained for him thousands of painkilling pills over the last four years.

23,000 of those emails came from Noelle Bush looking to score any s**t he had left over.

TBogg also manages to include another object of lefty hate in his anti-Rush venom:

The President feels Rush’s pain: “Boy. If I had a nickel for every time I woke up in a Father Steve’s bedroom with my pants on backwards…”

Now, you might think that making light of child molestation would be about as low as you can go on the hate scale. “MediaGeek” might make you think again:

I know I should be more high-minded, but I must confess enjoying watching Rush stew in his own juices over being a racist moron, and now, maybe a prescription pain-killer drug addict. Now, if he were just some average schmoe, I wouldn’t cackle over the drug allegations. But since he’s a moralizing, arrogant, bigoted blowhard, who otherwise advocates that drug addicts essentially be rounded up and exterminated… yeah, I’m smiling.

So might “Blah3“:

Junkie! Junkie! Junkie! JUNKIE!!!! Limbaugh’s a g****m junkie!!! So when ya gonna turn yourself in for incarceration, Ditto-Boy?

Blah3’s hatred quickly degenerated from schadenfreude to the sadistic:

F*****g hypocrite junkie piece of s**t. If I were half as cruel as you, Mr. Limbaugh, I’d implore you to go home and ingest the remainder of your stash, you p***k.

And in the comments section they try to outdo each other in their sadism. “Justin” states:

I am less kind than you, I do implore him to go home and grind up his entire stash and snort it all at once, maybe even save a few lethal overdoses worth for O’Reilly.

To which “Satan luvvs Repugs” replies:

I am even less kind than you, and hope Rush does not take the “easy” way out of his troubles. Rush will make a fine girlfriend for his new buddies in the pen. You know, the ones he’s been s*****g on for a decade and a half now.

Well, it seems that some on the left have a few unresolved “issues”! Surely, there are many odious hate groups on the extreme right, but they have nothing on the Hate Rush Mob.

What is so unnerving is how open they are about it. They apparently feel no compunction about letting anyone with web access see the thoughts coming from the ugliest part of their psyches. One explanation might be the relative anonymity of the Internet. Another, more troubling explanation is that such repugnance is commonplace in the circle these bigots inhabit. That suggests that such hatred runs not only deep, but rather wide in our society.

Finally, if you’ve managed to get this far, I encourage you to send a note of sympathy to Rush at DittosRush@RushLimbaugh.com. With the Hate Rush Mob around, he needs every bit of it.

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