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Re: Hastert Obnoxious (or Not)

Whoa, gents. What did you want Hastert to do? Turn the whole thing over to Barney Frank? Apologize, with quivering lip, as Lil’ Billy would’ve? He did what he had to do: take responsibility, order up a slew of investigations, and not commit ritual seppuku to please ABC news. I have no real desire to see Hastert continue as speaker, except if the choice is him or Pelosi.

If we’re going to throw Hastert to the media sharks, we’re nuts. If we do that, he’ll be followed by every other Republican leader. On the other hand, we should rid ourselves of him for the right reasons.

I’ve sat there listening to Hastert explain why earmarks and pork-barrelling are the way Congress shows its constituents it’s working for them. I’m sick of him and all who sail with him. By all means, let’s get someone in that job who can actually cut government spending. But let’s not throw our lot in with the 527 Media who want to blow this whole election.

The Republicans don’t deserve to win. But we don’t deserve what will happen if they lose.

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