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Judgment Day

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Judgment and Character:

Bob Tyrrell’s takedown of Kerry is, of course, spot on. However, I believe he is firing small caliber rounds, easily deflected, when he has a Hellfire available at the push of a button.

Nobody disputes that John Kerry, an officer, left Vietnam at the earliest possible moment permitted by the regs.

This is the most damning evidence of his utter unfitness to command. Or lead. Or, for that matter, dine in the company of decent folk.

A leader does not abandon his men in the field. A leader lies to the doctors about his wounds, severe though they may be, in order to stay with his men. A leader pulls the IV lines out of his arm back in the rear area hospital, sneaks out in the middle of the night and browbeats a copter pilot into flying him back to his unit. A leader’s commitment to his people is to the bitter end.

John Kerry is, therefore, indisputably and by his own account, not a fit leader. The rest of the Vietnam tempest, though interesting and no doubt largely not in Mr. Kerry’s favor, goes beyond the requirements of judgment.

He gamed the system to desert his men in the field. That’s all anyone needs to know.
Paul Kotik
Plantation, Florida

In addition to what RET states I believe there are one or two very telling differences between Dubya and Longshanks. These differences also very much apply to our greatest President — Nelle’s son, Ron — and Clinton.

Dubya and RR ran for POTUS because they love the United States of America, and all she stands for. They want only the best for her citizens, all of them, and they want America to be safe and secure. Kerry and Clinton covet the power. Where RR & Dubya hold America in their hearts, the other two hold it hostage in their inflated, somewhat unsound, egos.

Look closely at images of all four men during any solemn, serious moment — the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer, at a swearing-in ceremony, etc. — you’ll definitely see a difference in the countenance of each man. Two of them are trying their best to appear grave and sincere, the other two are just acting in a way that’s completely natural for them. I don’t think I need to point out which men belong to the former & latter categories. And I’m confident the American voter will realize this difference before Nov 2.

So, it looks like the liberals will have yet another four years to feign shock & concern anytime Dubya makes a verbal miscue. In the meantime, our very human (thank God for that!) POTUS will be making us safe and secure from the world’s menaces.
Jeff Anderson
Richmond, Virginia

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. has, yet again, captured truth when he says that prominent in the 2004 presidential campaign should be John Kerry’s demonstrated lack of judgment and character. I agree completely, and his article highlights one of the most frightening aspects of our country today — that is, about half of Americans simply do not care about such things. To them all that matters is having power back in the hands of those in Washington supporting their special interests.

Permit me to name just a few of those special interests: abortionists, homosexual activists, trial lawyers, race hustlers, big labor leaders, gun control advocates, ACLU and other activists lawyers and judges, atheists, socialists, pacifists, terrorists, felons for the vote, communists, anarchists, illegal immigration advocates, actors, musicians, mainstream media, college professors, class warriors, feminists, radical environmentalist, the French, etc.
Al Reynolds
Chula Vista, California

Judgment and Character? He has none.

With that I should shut up, but I won’t. Vietnam will always be a bone of contention. I was there. I remember it like it was yesterday. My hatred for the anti-war suckers remains the same. My thanks goes out to the Swift Boat guys that have come forth on America’s behalf. I am up to page 130 of Unfit for Command. It has done nothing for my disposition, but at least affirms what I have felt in my heart for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, this lack of judgment and character has rubbed off onto a lot of people. Much of our society bought this anti-Vietnam crap, hook line and sinker. Kerry didn’t do it all alone. As a result, most school children, if they know anything at all about Vietnam, it is referred to as a mistake.

You would think at this point, all the Republicans, all the third party, and at least half of the Dems would be solidly behind President Bush. Just from the stand point of Judgment and Character. But the brainwashing is about complete and effective. Most Americans will never change their minds about Vietnam. And neither will I. Nam was not a mistake. And there are a good many Vietnamese folks that will tell you so. Far more than the meager 3,000 Kerry predicted would be displaced if we pulled out.

First, I dare every American to read Stolen Valor by B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley. That book will give you full understanding as to where people with no judgment and character come from. That book will leave you angry. If you have any judgment and character. Then read Unfit for Command by John E. O’Neill and Jerome R. Corsi. For thirds, go read donbendell.com.

Then vote for President Bush.
Martin N. Tirrell
Lisbon, New Hampshire

While agreeing whole-heartedly with Mr. Tyrrell regarding Senator Kerry’s flagrant lack of character and judgment based on the evidence at hand and verifiable historical record, I have serious doubts that these characteristics will become front page news in the near, or far, future. Ought character and judgment weigh heavily in this campaign? Certainly, but those most responsible for reporting have little to no concept of what those two words mean. There is more honor among thieves and judgment in an elementary school room than could be found amongst the totality of the liberal press.

In a nation where 12 year olds know more about certain adult activities than I knew before my majority (thank you, President Clinton…), why would we care if a compulsive liar and reckless self-promoter rose to the highest office in the land? For those who take the long view, a nation usually gets the government it deserves. As character and judgment seem to hold little merit in today’s public square, the idea of getting that government scares the hell out of me. “President” Kerry? Pray God, no.
Matthew C. Tritle

Another thing that hasn’t been raised is how a President Kerry could hope to be an effective Commander in Chief of our troops, most of whom I have to assume by now hate his guts, especially those in the senior ranks. Inspiring love and loyalty among the ranks would be a distinct implausibility. And should real trouble come, and the going were to get real tough, I suspect that instead of hearing our guys say of their leader that they “follow that old man into hell,” we’d be hearing them say that they “just wish the lying, old sonofabitch would go to hell.”

Charles R. Vail

For the record, Mr. Heinz-Kerry’s episode with the secret service agent took place in Sun Valey, Idaho, not Colorado.
Glen Schorzman
Marsing, Idaho

Re: The Washington Prowler’s The Slime Offensive:

The Kerry campaign should be put on notice, if they start attacking the messenger and ignoring the message, that the so-called Band of Brothers are fair game too. Also they will see an intense desire on the part of anti-Kerry groups to get Kerry’s divorce records and whatever they can on Teresa too.

Kerry likes to use the dirty tricks by some fringe groups against McCain in 2000 as though it is exclusively GOP tactics. The Democrats had their own dirty tricks against McCain in 2000. They were in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (where McCain filed for divorce) trying to get his divorce records, and dig up dirt on him. I know this is true, I live in FWB,

I hope some 527 organization will use McCain’s quote about Kerry’s 1971 testimony being the most effective propaganda tool the Communist North Vietnamese used against the POWs.

If “Radar” (Kerry) wants to play Hardball, we should accommodate him.
Bill Anderson
Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

The Clintons have to be enjoying this spectacle. I’ve been wondering for months when they would slip the knife between Kerry’s shoulder blades; after all, a Kerry victory is a big problem for their ambitions. And putting Hillary in charge of the Dems’ “truth squad” at the convention? The vixen in the henhouse…What are these guys thinking about?

Meanwhile, I’ve been wondering about this deal: amend the Constitution to let Schwarzenegger run and enable Clinton to run for a third term. The entertainment value of watching Bill and Hillary slug it out in a primary (or divorce court) might even be worth the damage to the Constitution.
W.L. Roughton
Fairfax Station, Virginia

So Joe “Lockjaw” Lockhart has 1,000 pieces of slime material to nail the Swifties with? Doesn’t John Kerry ever use his head for more than a hat rack? He resents being reminded how dishonest he was in Vietnam but hires Lockhart to ensure the issue, like Dracula, will not die!

So long as Kerry’s slime masters keep the Vietnam issue alive it will motivate those hundreds of honest Swifties to continue to go after Kerry! Plus former Vietnam War POWs who were held for years in the Hanoi Hilton are not going to sit still for being slimed by someone with only four months of “combat”!

We already know:

Kerry lied about being in Cambodia;
Kerry lied about killing children and then calling them VC;
Kerry lied about his Bacitracin purple heart;
Kerry accused every serviceman in Vietnam of being a war criminal;
Kerry then admitted he was also a war criminal.

What more does Kerry want us to know about his Vietnam “service”?
William D. Allen Sr.
Placentia, California

1. What is the penalty under the UCMJ for filing a false official report (in 1969)?

2. What is the penalty under the UCMJ for meeting with the enemy (in 1971)?

3. What is the penalty under the UCMJ for committing war crimes (publicly confessed in 1971)?

4. What is the substance behind the plot line in a novel (title?) by Viet Vet Nelson Demille in which an advertising exec is recalled to active duty and sent to a court martial after being accused of a wartime atrocity in Vietnam, 30 years before?

5. Can Kerry be recalled to active duty and sent to a court martial for violations of the UCMJ in 1968-1971?

That is interesting that they have dug up dirt on the Swift Boat Vets.
Better to slime than have Kerry sign the Form 180 to open all his records. What is he hiding? I don’t see the media badgering him to open them. There are “selected” records on his web site but we all know it is not the full records.
Walter Johanson

Re: Margaret Moen’s Frankenstein Revisited:

Here are some points related to Margaret Moen’s article on Frankenstein:

1. One historian of science argues that the basic thrust of science since Francis Bacon has been for men to create themselves, reproduce themselves without women. She even argued that one woman made a discovery about plant growth that led to a Nobel Prize because she wasn’t like males in her thinking in that men tend to think DNA is everything, whereas she studied inter-relationships among plants and also between plants and the rest of nature; this science historian said that DNA would not turn out to be as all-powerful as males were inclined to think it is.

2. Ironically, the actual possibilities lately are towards females reproducing themselves; it has even been suggested that evolution, not science, is gradually eliminating males and the male chromosome. Regarding social reality, some women have noted how women are exceeding men in education and women will no longer be able to try to “marry up” — as they now do as shown in studies of 37 cultures. This could lead to either the elimination of marriage or to redefining it in such a way that it would no longer be recognizable.

3. The book Master Thinkers traces and criticizes a theme and intention through many major (every one male) thinkers of the past 300 years: the effort in their philosophies to control things by action and thought. This could be considered a more general form of Number 1 above. It could also be considered as an attempt to become like God or to be God. An instance of this kind of thinking from the start is Descartes. Everything for Descartes was thought, reason, and mathematics. Creatures like birds were interpreted as being like machines. Poets had trouble after that in writing lyrical poems about creatures like birds; and even poems about Christmas were affected by this. The Romantic movement was an effort to reclaim aspects of life that were being crowded out. Indeed, the story of Frankenstein was written by the sister of Romantic poet Shelley. But I remember one writer saying that poets basically lost their nerve in the 20th century (especially after World War I) and retreated to listening to their own inner emotions, whereas scientists had dared to try to think about the whole universe.

4. In a different direction from the effort to control the universe, there is the fear that what humans make will get out of control or take control. One movie director, Stanley Kubrick, looked forward to this; he hated, distrusted, and despaired about humans and foresaw robots as being an improvement. His movie project on the subject was completed by Spielberg when the director himself died before he could make the movie. When Margaret Moen mentions the fear of cloned humans getting out of control and says that that may not be likely, one could say that there is, however, some real fear now that robots might take over.
R.L.A. Schaefer
Dubuque, Iowa

Re: George Neumayr’s Unfit to Soldier:

Brilliant stuff about The New Soldier, that stuff should be PLASTERED across the media firmament, and let the Times-types howl all they want. Poor Kerry Kerry Quite Contrerry: he’s really got himself in the briar patch now — he can’t get out! GW should make that nitwit pay for his condescending stupidity next week. He should hammer John “Fraud” Kerry’s dangerous irresponsibility to the Garden rafters.

Thanks for the informative and interesting commentary,
Dick Sheppard
Jersey City, New Jersey

Mr. Neumayr compares Kerry’s attempt to suppress Unfit for Command to Nixon’s suppression of the Pentagon Papers. This is a charge I might take more seriously from Mr. Neumayr if he had also had made a similar charge against Bush for his very successful suppression last year of Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President.

I suspect that Kerry’s complaint will have little effect on the distribution of Unfit for Command, a book containing more false claims than Fortunate Son. The Bush campaign on the other hand succeeded in getting the publisher to withdraw Fortunate Son and recall its copies. I’d say that Bush outdid both Nixon and Kerry.
Ron Schoenberg
Seattle, Washington

When John Kerry met with North Vietnamese negotiators in Paris and when, in 1971, he testified before Congress that those who served in Vietnam were war criminals, he was a Naval Reserve officer. He may have broken the law then. Certainly he was incriminating himself.

In my copy of “Unfit for Command,” John O’Neill says, in part, “In the final analysis, Kerry was not only accusing himself, he was accusing all of us. Kerry has never dropped the war-crimes theme. Even staffers on his staff have fallen into this trap.”

The effect of Kerry’s testimony, especially its potential damage to POWs, was either something he didn’t care about, or was too nuanced and self-absorbed to realize.

Said former POW Jim Warner, who met John McCain while both were captives in 1971 in North Vietnam: “When John Kerry said that Vietnam vets were criminals, did he not know that the communists would use his words against the POWs? He feels insulted when someone questions his patriotism. What other conclusion would you come to, if you were in my shoes?”

Mr. Kerry may have helped prolong the Vietnam War through the Winter Soldier Investigation, his Congressional testimony and particular brand of anti-war efforts.

In whatever fashion and to whatever degree, he may bear responsibility for Vietnamese civilian and military casualties in both South and North Vietnam. The same goes for American casualties in both Vietnams.

I’m not saying he did. It’s a despicable, terrible thing even to consider. But it’s something to ponder.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.
Princeton, West Virginia

Re: Shawn Macomber’s Bush in Black and White:

Here is what I want to see and hear at the Republican National Convention:

I want to see the planes striking the World Trade towers, the towers coming down, Palestinians dancing in the streets, and Osama directing his camps, and I want to hear President Bush say, “This is the enemy. The enemy is not Democrats, it is not Republicans, it is madmen who care nothing for life, not even their own, and whose goal is to sow death and destruction wherever there is freedom.”

I want to see gassed Kurds, charred buildings, Israeli ambulances, and body-bags being carried from Ground Zero, and I want to hear President Bush say, “These are the victims. Victims are not those waging class-action suits or the overprivileged of the Western world whose sensibilities have been offended. They are men and women and children who fought no war, offended no one, but were chosen for death because of their guilt by association in the minds of the wielders of terror.”

I want to see firefighters, policemen, soldiers, and even flag-draped coffins, and I want to hear President Bush say, “These are the heroes. They have dedicated their lives to serving and saving others; against death, they chose life; against terror, they chose hope; against hatred, they chose service and sacrifice, and some have even paid the most costly price for their countrymen.”

Finally, I want to see the Berlin Wall coming down; I want to see Saddam’s statue being toppled, I want to see a liberated Afghanistan. I want to see the design for the new monument where the Trade Center once stood, and I want to hear President Bush say, “This is the future. Tyranny cannot last forever, fear and hatred can be overcome, liberty and justice can return to even the furthest corners of the globe. Already, peoples of the world are reaping the harvest of freedom sown by American men and women who believed in it enough to bring it others. We make the free world safer by setting people free; let’s continue in that work.”

“May God continue to bless America.”

Are you listening, Mr. President?
Alexander Scott
St. Paul, Minnesota

Re: The Washington Prowler’s Kerry’s Last Stand:

In re Kerry’s possible TV appearances this weekend the Prowler states that earlier this year “…[Kerry] stopped short of making any formal apology or admission that he was wrong for taking such a public stance against the war.”

Just so. And the Kerry campaign is couching their candidate’s traitorous 1971 testimony in terms of it merely being anti-war, in a period when reasonable people could disagree about a war that was divisive, blah blah blah.

I wonder whether Kerry or his supporters will take any meaningful lessons away from this disaster of a campaign. I’m not holding my breath.
Mark Stoffel
Arlington, Virginia

My! At this late date Kerry’s campaign still does not get the SWIFT Vets mindset? Nor does the press for that matter. This one is a matter of honor to those men, no more no less. The best interview by either Chris Wallace or Tim Russert would be totally unspoken. They merely slide a completed Form 180 towards Kerry for his signature. If he refuses to sign it his presidential run is over.
John McGinnis
Arlington, Texas

Some good Republicans ought to go to those places after Edwards and pig out and then leave a hefty tip!!
William Lips

Re: George Neumayr’s Gag Orders:

Hey guys,

I really appreciate the fact that people are really starting to notice how this so-called campaign finance reform is starting to look ridiculous as pertains to our First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of association.

But I just want to point out that it may be that Bush’s game all along for this law to eventually show it’s ass. If any of you listen to Rush, you can see that he on occasion will set up an issue by sounding absurd to show absurdity. Honestly folks, do any of you really think Bush is the type of American who wants to deny people their free speech rights? He is a politician and he’s damn smart. (Misunderestimated.) Give enough rope to some people and they hang themselves with it without any help from anyone. I’m beginning to think that W is actually a genius. Kinda amazing don’t you think that in the end things end up going his way. Either he is head and shoulders above everyone else politically or he’s under the protective hand of God. Maybe both.
Teresa Lett
Kechi, Kansas

Re: Reader Mail’s Screaming Out Loud:

John Ortmann nailed it –his choice of words expressed my feelings exactly.

Too many folks with questionable (selfish?) motives casting an abundance of aspersions on those Swift Boat guys. The critics on the Democrat side never seem to ask about their motivation. Or the lack thereof.

Pete Chagnon hit it too, as did Mr. Reno. And Mr. Amos’s observations, as usual, on McCain Feingold. Again, you have some mighty astute readers!

Yeah, these are troubling times. Dubya’s a poor president, in my opinion.

But, God Forbid we might have John Kerry elected. This lying Friend-of-Fonda makes my skin crawl. An absolute disaster. Can you say “slime?”

So, vote for the Lesser of Evils? Skip the election entirely? Or do the principled thing and vote Libertarian?

Stay tuned….
Geoff Brandt

Re: Peter Amato’s letter (under “End of the Line”) in Reader Mail’s Screaming Out Loud:

I am writing to relieve the stress.

Yesterday Mr. Amato said it all telling that Swiss jerk that Americans don’t give a [hoot] what the high-falutin Eurotrash think of the good ole’ US of A! For that matter, we don’t much care what anyone else thinks either. See, some religious-zealot-maniac-types killed a bunch of us and are still killing us and cutting our heads off and nasty stuff like that. So take my advice: Save your condescending breath because we’re gonna go after and kill these evil bastards and if you can’t stand to watch then turn your feeble head!

President Bush really screwed-up by signing McCain-Feingold. If recollection serves, the notion was that it was too politically risky to not sign and anyway the Supreme Court would strike the law down as a clear violation of the First Amendment. Well, if this was Rove’s idea, then we all now know he’s not the genius he’s cracked-up to be. The President arguably abdicated his duty to uphold the Constitution. The judges, who know better, clearly did abdicate theirs’. Congress needs to start impeachment proceedings against the judges who voted to stifle political speech. Now! And let this be a hard-learned lesson to W to avoid signing-off on anything approved by McCain!

Mr. Kerry. You are scum. You are a traitor. You are a VC-loving-Jane Fonda-admiring-America-hating piece of crap. You are conclusive proof of the utter bankruptcy of the Democrat Party. While W has his faults, you aren’t even close to being in his league. I will continue enjoying your justly deserved crack-up, meltdown, etc. Good riddance!

There. Thank you.
David Mills
Rolla, Missouri

So… when are we going to read an accurate account of how Bush Jr. leapfrogged over hundreds to receive entry into the Texas National Guard?

Let me guess..never because your “rag” is not interested in the truth, just interested in foisting a regime frighteningly similar to the National Socialists of late 30’s Germany upon our great land.

If you and all other GOPers do believe in God ya’ll are headed to hell.

False witness and other violations of Biblical law the GOP has committed in spades.

Your ends do not justify the means.

Good Luck in Hell!
Michael Korhonen

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