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The Geek Factor

George W. Bush is a throwback to the strong male that, until 30 years ago, was the accepted norm. It is only because America’s sexual culture has become genderless that Bush’s normal masculine qualities are treated with suspicion. The election this November will determine whether the nation still wants to be led by an Alpha male.

The only place to showcase one’s gender these days are in the fields of entertainment, fashion, and pornography. Men and woman are confused, with men acting like women — “girlie men” — and women acting like men.

Parity and equality between the sexes is a moral imperative, but denying Mother Nature is a formula for disaster. As a member of the boomer generation, I spend more than my share of time with children of the ’60s. Their romanticizing of those days sets my blood to boiling. The advent of the Age of Aquarius set our country on a path of moral, ethical and sexual destructiveness.

As a society we have decided it is of the utmost importance to embrace our feminine side. Consequently, we deny the most obvious and elemental differences between male and female. But after 9/11 this delusion is impossible to sustain. The feminists’ social engineering project only complicates our ability to think clearly and retain our uniquely American approach to life.

When it comes to making strategic decisions, soft men are useless. More preoccupied with emotion than reason, they seek to please everyone rather than solve the problem. And what do they do when they need to show they’re real men? They don’t show it; they talk about it. Can one imagine Winston Churchill or Dwight Eisenhower flaunting their war experiences in the Boer War or World War II in order to prove that they were real men?

We are in a chaotic time of social and cultural confusion in which women want to be dominant and men are expected to be nurturing and empathetic. It has gotten so absurd that there is now even an action figure called “The Geek.” In my day, a geek or nerd was someone who was weak and introverted. Now the geek is cool, the male desirable to dominant women.

Strong woman, soft men, “Geekman” sex symbols — it is a dizzying time in this new millennium. George W. Bush’s “bring it on,” in your face, real guy approach vs. the more feminine model of international consensus-building and “sensitivity” in John Kerry raises the question: Could the latter instill the leadership and inspiration necessary to lead our troops into battle? And why would a “sensitive” coalition builder like John Kerry sprint outside to make cowardly, defamatory statements to the press after the courageous and hopeful speech that the new Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi recently made before the U.S. Congress?

The laws of Alpha behavior are the backbone not only in the world of animals but also of men. Alpha types come in all forms, good and evil, male and female. They are born, not created. They have common traits such as focus, egocentricity, high energy, and strong wills. Great success, in high stake games, is usually the result of Alpha types. Leaders, not followers, shape this world. As in nature, a predator — the Alpha type — instinctively smells out weakness and vulnerability. No nation that expects to be respected and feared can be led by anyone other than a true Alpha-type personality.

To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Girlie men make bad choices.” But the self-anointed, wealthy, liberal intelligentsia in this country have convinced themselves and a percentage of the American population that excessive hand-wringing, debating, and agonizing over a situation makes one somehow more caring, intelligent, and insightful. Will squishy consensus-building capture our country’s imagination and confidence?

I, for one, will not find it refreshing or comforting to have a president fecklessly taking the pulse of the Third World and our enemies in the United Nations while a “Thorny Rose” of a First Lady tells reporters to “Shove it.” Perhaps the wrong Kerry ran for the Presidency.

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