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Letter From Mooreland

On December 6, I managed to attend the L.A. World Affairs lunch featuring Michael Moore. Usually, the World Affairs Council functions are fairly dowdy gatherings for obscure ambassadors, professors, or former government people on book tours, drawing about 70 attendees. But this was different! About 550 were there, with entire tables of Hollywood types decked out in their latest nose jobs and Sunset Place designer duds. And oh! — the sucking up! Apparently Sir Michael took time out of his politicking for an Oscar nomination with the likes of Harvey Weinstein to cater to the folks a few levels down at the studios. What did he have to say?

Well, first he emphasized that AMERICA LOVES HOLLYWOOD! No, the outrageous behavior of people like Whoopi Goldberg did not turn off “the people.” The problem is, John Kerry wasn’t Hollywood enough! In Michael’s view, the Democrats have to “stop running wonks who don’t have a story.” If the Democrats used Hollywood more, they could hone the stories. Even get Tom Hanks to run. Who wouldn’t vote for Tom Hanks? For Anything! The only tough question from the audience was voiced by an elderly man who asked Michael if his movie hadn’t caused a move to Bush as a reaction. Oh, no, Michael replied. “Fahrenheit 9/11 prevented a Bush landslide. Why, interviews of Republicans leaving the movie theaters showed that more than 30% would tell their friends to see the movie.” Of course, this completely begs the question of whether finding the movie interesting or provocative changed anybody’s mind about voting Republican, or to what purpose these Republicans thought it was a good idea to have their friends view the film. No, Mr. Suck-Up wanted to reassure Hollywood that their entitled, rich folk misbehavior was just wonderful, and there is no need for self-restraint. And doesn’t that make everyone want to vote for his propagandumentary as an Oscar pick?

The discussion of the next topic made me feel that I had landed among space aliens. In response to a series of questions about recounts in Ohio, Michael said, yes, of course, he supported the recount effort (although he didn’t mention how much of his enormous fortune he had donated to support it). There were at least six people who asked questions indicating they were firmly convinced that George Bush had not won Ohio and was not actually the president.

And then he turned to a discussion of paradise, or Europe. Michael wanted to showcase his latest theory about how folks over there are so wonderful as compared to Americans because Europeans know how to share and don’t leave anyone behind. To illustrate this, he used the example of the first and only soccer game he attended, as it happened, in England. He saw an Arsenal game and reported that all the fans could sing the team song in three-part harmony, in rounds, without a conductor, even! How wonderful, how cultured! How illustrative of the superiority of their way of life. No one asked him about soccer hooliganism, or how there is a group of about a thousand British fans on a no entry list for the World Cup because they are known to be violent, or how Dutch fans routinely scream out “Jew” whenever a player makes a mistake, or even worse, when the home team loses will shout in unison, without benefit of conductor, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas!” And from the audience, not a single question asking him how he could make generalizations from a single soccer game. Or the reasons for calling America and Israel the centers of evil on the earth.

How can anything he states as truth be accepted with this manner of gathering facts? Yet, he was entertaining in his position as a Leninist masquerading as a man of the people He reminds me of an essay my son Danny wrote in first year French in high school, in which the question was, “Which type of government is best?” His answer was, “A tyranny, as long as I am the tyrant.” Michael Moore has said that democracy is not good for the working man, and apparently this judgment has been confirmed when the working men voted overwhelmingly for Bush. Moore, who understands the real soul of the poor, stupid, uninformed masses, should, along with his cronies, make the decisions for all these deluded folks. Oh well, this guy can really play the left coast. … all the way to the bank.

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