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You may have noticed the welcome lack of coverage TAS has devoted to the John Karr arrest. (Even Fox succumbed to the Jon Benet frenzy. They actually had a man on the plane with Karr coming back from Thailand). And we have also resisted so far any comment on the (yawn) arrest of Warren Jeffs who, though alleged a polygamist and rapist, managed to get on to the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list. Ah, gone are the days of Baby Face Nelson and Dillinger. Bin Laden was probably insulted by sharing post office wall space with the likes of Jeffs.

The point of all this is that while the broadcast media and much of the punditry is consumed by these things, we are on hotter trails.

BBC is making a new “Robin Hood” series. In Hungary, of course. The master tapes have apparently been stolen and are being held — according to one report — for about $2 million in ransom. We cannot confirm any connection with the Plame leak investigation, but there is an aspect the Fitzgerald-Javert staff may want to look into. According to another report, the character of Guy of Gisbourne, the Sheriff of Nottingham’s partner in crime, is being played by an actor named Richard Armitage. I kid ye not, squire.

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