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Hillary’s Real School for Scandal

The “mainstream” media doesn’t know what a real scandal is. There’s a walking scandal leading the Democratic field for president, and the media has only pretended to hold her to account.

The Justice Department stumbled and bumbled and acted at times in classless ways in its treatment of several federal prosecutors and explanations thereof. A few, at least, of the replaced U.S. Attorneys have good reason to be furious. But in terms of the public weal, that’s not a scandal, it’s an embarrassment.

The bloodlust of the media on this subject is remarkable in comparison with the mere intermittent, surface-level interest it showed in pursuing ethical scrapes of Hillary Clinton during the eight years she spent as First Lady. So, just for fun, here’s a quick recap of the real, honest-to-goodness scandals in Madame Hillary’s past that makes her one of the most obviously corrupt candidates ever to be a frontrunner for the presidency.

Cattle Futures. Hillary made a $100,000 windfall on a $1,000 investment in risky cattle futures, in trades that appear to have been backdated for just that purpose.

Whitewater. If Whitewater wasn’t a scandal, why did so many people go to jail for it? The fact remains that a host of senior citizens lost their retirement nest eggs, and taxpayers were put on the hook for a bank failure while the Clintons skated without apparent financial loss.

Castle Grande. That real estate scam was a subset of Whitewater. Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker was convicted because of it. Taxpayers were put on the hook for about $4 million. When Hillary’s buddy Webb Hubbell was indicted for his role in it, Hillary was mentioned (albeit not by name) as Hubbell’s “billing partner.” Details are hard to remember. So were the billing records themselves, which “disappeared” for a couple of years in the private quarters of Hillary’s White House.

Travel Office Firings. Independent Counsel Robert Ray concluded that Hillary was deeply involved in this skanky deal and that her testimony about her involvement was “factually false.”

Filegate. Okay, Hillary was cleared in this one, but her White House was still guilty of extreme cavalierness (is that a word?) in its assignment of political hack Craig Livingstone to a position where he could peruse and perhaps abuse the FBI files of 900 political appointees of former President George H.W. Bush.

Pardongate. Outgoing President Clinton gave pardons to people who gave beaucoup bucks to Hillary’s Senate campaign and to Hillary’s Rodham brothers, Tony and Hugh.

Indonesian Fundraising Scandal. John Huang was convicted of campaign finance violations. He testified that he met numerous times with both Clintons in the White House, and Secret Service logs show that he visited the White House 78 times in 15 months.

And all of that is just the start. Add in all the demonstrable lies the lady has told over the years, the campaign aides convicted of wrongdoing, and other imbroglios too numerous to detail here, and we’re looking at a walking, talking queen of mendacity and scandal.

Oh…and has been noted plenty of times now, but never forcefully enough on the major networks, Hillary seemed hip-deep in her pal Hubbell’s unprecedented dismissals of all 93 U.S. Attorneys all at once, without even having replacements at the ready.

Now that was a scandal that actually put the public interest seriously at risk. But the media treated it as mere politics as usual. Funny, isn’t it, that when the Bush administration carries out nothing worse than politics as usual with regard to U.S. Attorneys, ham-handed though it was, the front pages are full of the “scandal” for weeks?

Enough is too much.

Somehow, someway, conservatives ought to fight back — before these non-scandals are replaced in the White House with a corrupt and ruthless Hillary Clinton with revenge on her mind.

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