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Be Afraid: Be Very Afraid

But only if you’re a Dem and one of the few who haven’t entirely lost your mind. Michael Moore’s letter to the Dems – not just gloating about Lamont’s victory, but launching into La La Land about it — is a thing of beauty. The money quote:

Let the resounding defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman send a cold shiver down the spine of every Democrat who supported the invasion of Iraq and who continues to support, in any way, this senseless, immoral, unwinnable war. Make no mistake about it: We, the majority of Americans, want this war ended — and we will actively work to defeat each and every one of you who does not support an immediate end to this war.

He ends, of course, with a parallel threat to Republicans, saying, “We’ll take care of you this November.” Scared yet?

Note to the aforementioned few sane Dems. Give us a call. We can work something out. Trust me. You have nowhere else to go.

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