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Hillary’s Will to Power

Bay Buchanan has just released The Extreme Makeover of Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, a book that could not be more topical as it concerns a woman who could well be the next President of the United States. Hillaryana is all the rage as several other new books are coming out concerning her and will add to the wealth of materials already available concerning the former First Lady: the late Barbara Olson’s Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton and R. Emmett Tyrrell’s Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House. And now Mr. Tyrrell has released The Clinton Crack-Up, which is about the Boy President’s post-presidency. A good deal of the new book is devoted to the indispensable Mrs. C., or Bruno, as he calls her at critical moments.

Should Senator Clinton be elected, it is a foregone conclusion that she won’t be appointing Ms. Buchanan to any posts in her administration. Her book is a concise critique of Hillary conservatives will appreciate. Its author has spent thirty years in politics and was Treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan. She appears as a pundit on television quite frequently and has worked for CNBC/MSNBC and CNN. She current senior adviser to Congressman Tom Tancredo in his 2008 campaign for the presidency.

BC: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. The first one I’d like to ask concerns the nature of your subject. Your new book is one of many recent works to address the woman who may be the next President of the United States. With a plethora of products on the market concerning her, why should readers select your book? What’s unique about these pages?

Bay Buchanan: Using Hillary’s own words as written in her autobiography, Extreme Makeover reveals a side of Hillary that has not previously been examined — her chronic insecurity. It is a trait that undermines her ability to rely on her own judgment — forcing her to become addicted to gurus and advisors. This book also addresses the efforts of Hilary’s political machine to remake her — to hide not only her true character but also her extreme agenda. The reader will learn who the real Hillary is — the personality, the character, and the agenda and will be able to determine for themselves if this lady has the decisiveness, the integrity, or the courage to be the President of the United States in time of war.

BC: Hillary as shyster or charlatan is not a role with which you’ll have difficulty convincing conservatives, but exactly who or what is the real Hillary? What would she be like if she were relegated to a room devoid of supporters, servants, and journalists?

Bay Buchanan: Hillary is about power — she is best defined by her insatiable desire for it and her willingness to do absolutely anything to acquire and retain it. In a room such as you describe power has no meaning — and neither does Hillary.

BC: I agree. Mrs. Clinton’s desire to control others is rather transparent, but why then has she been so successful at duping the American people? Also, why do conservatives disdain her?

Bay Buchanan: That’s what the Extreme Makeover is all about. Hillary has been incredibly successful at duping the public for a number of reasons. She has a multi-million dollar company in place dedicated to remaking her for the purposes of deceiving America. It hides who she really is and friends in the media work hand-in-glove to guarantee her success while she is ready and willing to do anything and be anyone to win the Presidency. Hillary and friends are perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people. My book gets under the makeover and reveals the true nature of the woman who wants to be President.

Unable to accept any responsibility for her own problems, Hillary has made it a practice to blame all her problems on the mean-spirited vast right wing. Conservatives know the deceit of which she is capable and the extreme agenda that she hides. And we are well aware of the success she has had at our expense. In the book I make it more than clear that Hillary represents the far left wing of her party and it is they to whom she pays homage.

BC: How much of Hillary’s appeal to voters is due to her being a woman? Furthermore, isn’t obsessing over a candidate’s genitals just another indicator of the way in which political correctness has waylaid the American psyche? Why do sex organs have anything to do with leadership?

Bay Buchanan: Hillary has the most formidable presidential campaign organization in the race, has raised more money than any of her male opponents and beats all her opponents in the polls. Other women have run for president without anything close to this success. But without question Hillary is relying on women to put her over on top on Election Day. In fairness this is the strategy for all Democratic presidential contenders but it is especially true of Hillary.

BC: What’s your opinion of the Clinton marriage? Do you think she gives a darn about her husband? What do you suspect he thinks about her?

Bay Buchanan: It is a mutually beneficial relationship. He could not have been President without her and he has been her ticket to power.

BC: Will Barack Obama defeat Hillary in the primaries? You indicate in your book that his personality is definitely a point in his favor. What specifically will voters see in him that is missing within the junior senator from New York?

Bay Buchanan: Obama is capable of beating Hillary — he is a warm, likable fresh face with a natural style of communicating. He comes across as an authentic candidate in contrast to Hillary’s programmed appearances and has proved himself capable of raising the money necessary to beat Hillary. But she remains the frontrunner and will not be unseated easily.

BC: At the moment you are managing Tom Tancredo’s run for the presidency, do you think a truly conservative candidate has any chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2008? I know rightists point to the example Ronald Reagan in 1980, but it seems to me that Mr. Bush’s years in the White House have demoralized the GOP’s base.

Bay Buchanan: In 1980, Reagan had the advantage of having run in 1976. As for the base — yes, I have never seen it so demoralized. But what Republicans are looking for this year is a solid conservative, one they can trust to say what he believes. None of the so-called top three fits this billing but Tom Tancredo surely does.

BC: One of the main issues for Congressman Tancredo is illegal immigration, and it seems like many of the Republican candidates are to the left of him on it. Why are so many people in this country unconcerned about this incredibly important dilemma? The leftist stance on the subject appears to be counter-intuitive. Why shouldn’t citizens have a say about who is admitted to this country? What possible reason could there be to not maintain a tight border?

Bay Buchanan: Americans are well aware of the seriousness of this issue — everyday they pay for the consequences of illegal immigration. They want the border secured, the laws enforced, and they want no amnesty to be given for those living in the country illegally. There is no excuse for not protecting our border against illegal entry — especially in time of war. But this administration does not have the will to do the job.

Since the federal government refuses to do its job and ignores the will of the people, cities and states are now taking steps to protect their citizens from a massive invasion coming across our southern border.

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