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Abortions Yes, Tans No

The juxtaposition of the following two stories would be pricelessly ironic if it weren’t so dadgummed disgustingly sad. At the same time that Senate Dems are pulling low-blow shenanigans (the procedural move described really is cheap politics, petty and vindictive, which is why almost never used) — even after apparent passage of the bill — to block a bill merely protecting minor girls from forced or pressured abortions over state lines without parental knowledge, Gov. Corzine in New Jersey — a state that does NOT require parental consent for minors’ abortions — is signing legislation that DOES require parental consent for the use of tanning beds. (Hat tip, by the way, to Southern Appeal for noting the tanning story.) What’s wrong with this picture?

Why, pray tell, should it be tougher for a girl to get a tan than to get an abortion? What sort of twisted priorities are evidenced there?

A note on the Senate bill that the Dems are holding up: Apparently, they are carrying the water for the abortion clinic industry, which objects to provisions in the House bill that would put the onus on the abortion providers themselves to require parental consent of girls who come across state lines. If I find time, I’ll have more on the ins and outs of the Senate dispute later, including a better explanation of the procedural factors involved. But for now, the main message is that Senate Dems (or at least most of them) are so pro-abortion that they are using every trick in the book to keep it possible for minors, yes minors, to cross state lines for abortions without the consent of their parents. The fight isn’t really procedural, then, it’s moral. Surely even most reasonable “pro-choice” people should be able to agree, with the vast majority of the American public, that young girls should not easily get abortions without their parents knowing, that partial-birth abortions at least are utter abominations (Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it “infanticide”), and that other commonsense measures are needed to at least make abortions a more serious and more considered decision than, say, minor cosmetic surgery…or getting a tan.

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