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Just Which Year Is This?

For all the EUnuch ignorance of history, and all their appeasement of terrorism, I’d thought that though it is 2006 here, it was 1937 again in Europe. I still think that’s right, but it may soon be 1982 again in Britain.

Thanks to the Argentines, that is. According to this Daily Telegraph report, Argentina is reasserting its claims to the Malvinas Islands. Which, of course, the rest of the world calls the Falklands. In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falklands and claimed it as Argentina’s territory. Britain’s Maggie Thatcher would have none of it and sent the British fleet, albeit at diplomatic speed, to solve the problem. The war that followed included the spectacular sinking of the pride of the Argentine navy, the General Belgrano, by a British submarine.

This round may be different. There’s no Maggie Thatcher in England. Soon there won’t even be a Tony Blair. I’m betting the Falklands become the Malvinas in a year or two.

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