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The Trillion Dollar Hoodwink

Re: Ben Stein’s The Purpose of Defiance:

I am second to none in my admiration of Ben Stein and he is spot on regarding our liberties as Americans. It is also proper that we be often reminded of our debt to those who have fought for those freedoms. Yet I can not join him in wishing good fortune to a president who wishes to quiet those who hold different political views and who advocates more government intrusion into the lives of citizens. Nor can I wish good fortune to a president who thinks that terrorists and other mortal enemies of our nation are best treated in the same fashion as burglars and car thieves. What I can hope and pray for is that those by whom we have consented to be governed choose a course that best protects the rights and individual liberties for which so many have paid a price.
Peter F. Killie
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Re: Peter Ferrara’s Good Morning, Suckers:

Mr. Ferrara points out that the voters will pay over $2 billion for the completely ineffective head start program and will waste another $2 billion on federally-funded babysitting services. Considering that a social welfare program, once funded, never ever goes away under any circumstances, I now understand what the president means when he says there will be trillion dollar deficits for years to come.
Garry Greenwood
Gearhart, Oregon

I appreciate Mr. Ferrara’s line by line itemizing of the coming government malfeasance. We knew this would happen. But this is change! Ostensibly, the change we need.

Being faithfully married for over 17 years, I can’t wait to reap the benefits of $300,000,000 for STD research. Too bad about the prophylactics.

As a 20+ year conservative, I am delighted to see ACORN receiving over a billion dollars!

I have a soft spot for the article’s icon: Alfred E. Neuman. So I was delighted to see that MAD Magazine may reap a windfall from the Nation Endowment for the Arts spending. Hopefully, the MAD men had their lobbying contingent in place.

If they’re left an increase in funding bovine flatulence research off the list, we Americans may not see another sunrise.

Let us pray that congress had the foresight to include that as well.

Crisis? What Crisis? Let’s call it by its real name; ‘Boomerism on Parade!’
P. Aaron Jones

Democrats, should you plan to allow any of your fetuses to reach full term, know this: Your children and their children will pay for the “stimulus package” for decades, while shivering in their cramped, tumbledown apartment, with an American — gasp! — car in the carport. Take solace, however, in the knowledge that you will be able to enthrall them with tales of your spendthrift ways and days.
David Govett
Davis, California


Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s March Toward Life:

Lisa Fabrizio quotes President Obama saying that if his daughters “make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

On the other hand, Stanley Ann Dunham took her punishment, and named it Barack. A student, unmarried, at 18 years of age, Ms. Dunham was the perfect candidate to exercise choice. But Liberation Day, celebrated by feminists each January 22,  was still more than a decade away. So with little hope, and fewer choices, Ms. Dunham bore the fetus to term, and entered into a doomed marriage with  a polygamist.  he polygamist abandoned Ms. Dunham and her child, so Barack Obama, every day of his life, was a first-hand witness to the punishment that single mothers endure.

Lisa Fabrizio prays that President Obama never has to explain to his girls that their lives were a punishment to their mother. Miss Fabrizio need not be concerned. Had the girls been viewed as punishment, all options were open. Not so for Ms. Dunham.
Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

March they did and Thank God. Some read this as a statement of it being a Religious gathering and while most people there were people of Faith, it is for LIFE that they gathered, not for their respective Faiths.

True most people there were Catholic, the organizers were Catholics, others of Christian denominations, Orthodox Jews, and believe it or not I am sure atheists were there too. Once John Cardinal O’Connor reported that he had been told by an atheist that “of course I am Pro-life, that is all I have.”

It is also true that Catholic Cardinals, Bishops, priests, Protestant Ministers, and Orthodox Rabbis were there, as citizens supporting the lay people, their congregants. It is also true that Faith teaches that abortion is murder.

Some opponents of Life say we force our Religion and or morality on them. Not so. Neither will we stand by and allow pro-death people to force their lack of Faith or morals or perhaps I should say their secular religion upon us. There is a reason.

There is another component to this. Just because most of the people who are Pro- Life are people of Judeo/Christian Faiths does not mean it is only about that.

While many do not recognize the fact, Faith and Reason or Faith and science compliment one another and are never opposed, except when a miracle occurs. Then it is outside the realm of science/reason.

It is hard for those pro-death people to realize that those people of Faith happen to be intelligent enough and open minded enough to go the extra step and check out the science.

Today we have DNA, we know that a person is a person at the moment of fertilization/conception. We also know that embryonic stem cells have not worked and according to some scientists never will because they promote growth and development, while the adult and cord blood cells promote health and healing.

It comes down to, if the zygote or embryo has the proper number of chromosomes, it is a human person, separate from her/his Mother. Even if those chromosomes are askew. Mothers are only guardians for God/nature.

Simple as 1 and 1 are two and two and two are four.

But most pro-death people do not want to hear the facts. Just kill the babies either by abortion or most forms of contraception. It does not matter as long as we are not “Punished with a baby”.

Is it known here that some countries are in such bad shape economically they are paying women to have babies.

Perhaps if the 50,000,000 babies that have been murdered surgically since 1973 had been allowed to live we might not be in the economic straits we are in today. Most certainly people would not have to worry about their Social Security because there would be the workers there to support it.

One doe not have to be of Faith to be Pro-life and not all people of Faith are intelligent and open minded, but it sure does not hurt that most Pro-Lifers are both.

We should also remember an historic fact: our country was founded on God’s law. Lo and behold science agrees with that law.

Also go into the practice of celibacy or if marriage and it being the best prevention of disease and death. God told us, science shows the why. We can go into that more in depth another day.
Patricia Tobin Kennedy
Poughkeepsie, New York

Re: Matthew Vadum’s ACORN’s Stimulus:

I KNEW this kind of government spending was going to happen. So, this is “Change we can believe in”? This country is about to be romanced. Obama will nice enough to give us a kiss too, or at least sweet talk us, in order to make us feel loved and appreciated at the same time he is emptying our wallets.
David Shoup
Dublin, Georgia

The more I read, hear, and research, the more I am willing to believe this financial crisis, which was birthed in the Clinton Administration, was possibly orchestrated in order to destroy the middle class and implement radical, extreme socialism.

Who is the largest employer in America? The answer is small business. Who runs small businesses? The middle class largely run small businesses in America. Who supports pro-family, pro-life organizations like Worldview Weekend, The American Family Association, Focus on the Family and other groups that oppose the humanistic, global governance worldview of the cultural elite? Who is the most politically active for faith, family and freedoms? Who funds Christian radio, missions, and the spread of the Gospel? What group of Americans most understands history, has served in the military, and is opposed to socialism? What group makes up the largest members of the Reagan Revolution? The answer to all these questions is the middle class.

The social engineers know that if the middle class is consumed with food, shelter, clothing and employment; most will not even notice what is happening in the area of public policy. Those that do see what is happening will not be able to do anything about it because as Rangel said, they are overwhelmed with the basics of life.

Barack Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, told business leaders in a November 2008 meeting that the financial crisis was “an opportunity to do things you could not do before.”

The goals of Cultural Marxism are primarily the destruction of Christianity and the creation of chaos.  The ultimate goal is to move from Cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism and that is what is happening to America today.  Obama, the Clintons, Rangel, Reich, Emanuel and Obama’s entire Administration is committed to moving from Cultural Marxism to traditional Marxism  To get there they must destroy and distract their only real obstacle…the middle class.
John P. Gibson

Re: Ron Schoenberg’s letter (under “Fear of God”) in Reader Mail’s Thrown Under the Bus:

The theory of evolution is just that, a theory.  However, Newton’s Law of Gravity is in fact a scientific law.  To equate a law of science to a theory shows Mr. Schoenberg’s lack of scientific understanding and therefore negates his argument.

If individuals would educate themselves before making blanket statements it might be easier to at least respect their opinions.
Jon M. Wade
Ashland, Virginia

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